Year 6 Music May 22nd

1)Last week I discussed coding in music, on the back of Mrs Gillhouley’s Maths coding challenge for the VE day celebrations. I then gave you 3 other examples through musical history, where composers have used a code in their music.

Which one of these was one of those 3 composers.

a)George Frederick Handel

b)Johann Sebastian Bach


2)In my VE day blog I showed you clips of popular music of the 1940’s era.

The Glen Miller Band was a very famous ‘Big Band’ of the time. What instrument did Glen Miller himself play?




Today, we move on from the 1950-60s experimental music of Dr Who, and move to modern day composer Hans Zimmer, who wrote film music such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, Simpsons Movie, Kung Fu Panda and TV series like Blue Planet.

Rather than me telling you what he says, I would like you (check with your parents first) to google ‘Hans Zimmer, Earth, BBC Teach’ and watch the short introductory film, where Hans Zimmer talks about how he composes his music, and how this piece is put together. I found it really interesting, quite ‘wackey’ and very inspirational.

If you enjoyed that then do listen to the performance of ‘Earth’. Sit quietly in a comfortable space, and listen. It would be interesting to hear whether you enjoyed the music, and how it made you feel. Do email me at and let me know.


The Power in Me.

Download (PDF, 102KB)

Have a go at singing this song. Listen on YouTube as well to sing with the tune, as this is only a backing track.

Have a good half term.

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