Year 6 Music June 18th

Who stole my chickens and my hens (shh shh shh)    – 8 beats including shh’s

Who stole my chickens and my hens (shh shh shh)

Who stole my chickens (shh)

Who stole my hens (shh)

Who stole my chickens and my hens (shh shh shh).

Chant this nonsense rhyme with a steady pulse. Ask your family if they will join in.

-When this is confident, one person chant the rhyme and the others do the Shh’s, keeping a steady pulse.

-Then say the rhyme and take it in turns to pass the Shh’s around the table, keeping the pulse.

-If someone Shh’s in the wrong place, they are ‘out’.


The idea of performing this task is to see how fast and smooth you can make the performance. Speed and accuracy is of the utmost importance. Now think of travel, and of travelling very fast. Using expressive language, answer these questions……

How would you travel?

What speed would you be travelling at?

Where are you going?

Express your answer as a whole sentence, and say it out loud feeling the natural rhythm of the words. Eg:

-Clap a steady pulse and demonstrate how these ‘travel’ answers can be spoken on top of your beat.

-Then clap the rhythm of the words, over and over, to make a repeated riff (called an ostinato)

EG: I’m – off – to Mex-i-co, in-a bright red mo-tor car –

The Power In Me

Carry on singing this song. Listen on YouTube as well to sing with the tune, as this is only a backing track.

Download (DOCX, 14KB)

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