Year 4 Music 13th May


Could you all let me know how many notes you can play on your instrument, as I have lots of music I can give you. Send me a message to [email protected]  Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed my VE day blog last week. Did any of you play a tune for VE day? Do let me know.

This week I’m giving you the second part of the Acapulco Bay Duet to try. If you feel confident, you could ask a grown up to record you playing one part, and then you can play along with the second part.

Download (PDF, 792KB)

Download (PDF, 819KB)

Also, some of the other tunes on these pages can be played as duets. See if you can match them up, and let me know your answers.


Here is a well-known tune for you to try, which includes 2 notes you may not know.


A,(second space) which is 1&2 valves on trumpets and 4th position on trombones, 

Low B which is 2nd valve on trumpets and 2nd position on trombones.


For the A, make your lips stronger inside the mouthpiece, but still let the air freely flow into the instrument.


‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ is a good tune to learn this note as you go up from the G, one note to the A. The low B is quite easy to find, being just below Middle C.

Download (PDF, 710KB)

Have fun! This tune is a duet (2 parts are played together at the same time). Have a go at the underneath part as well….maybe record yourself playing both parts…..


Let me know if you like these tunes, and if you can play any more notes than these. I have a lot of music here that I can send you!!


Mrs Hanna

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