Year 1 Music June 18th

Hello Everyone,

If I clap my name, I will clap 4 times when I say it.

Mis-sus Han-na.

Say HELLO to people in your family, and ask them to clap their names to you.


Could you be as thin as a pin….   (stand tall, hands by your side)

….be as wide as a gate…..      (stretch your arms out to the side, and feet apart)

…as tall as a house, (on tip toes and stretch arms up high)

….. as small as a mouse   (curl up small on the floor)…..

…and as thin as a pin again.


I like walking in the woods in the summer, and listen to the birds singing.

The cuckoo makes a noise just like his name, and here is some music with lots of cuckoo sounds. Listen very carefully and count the cuckoo calls. How many can you hear? Do let me know…..

The lion is the ‘King of the Forest’. When he roars, everyone stops to listen. Here is a piece of music with the lion roaring. At the beginning, he wakes up and has a good stretch. You try this too, and gradually shake each part of your body (starting with your fingers and ending with your feet) as the shaking music at the beginning gets gradually louder (a crescendo).

He starts his roar quietly, gets louder very quickly (this is called a crescendo), then he quickly gets softer again (this is called a diminuendo). Listen to this piece and as the lion roars bring your hands up above your head and back down again as he gets quieter. It’s a bit like turning the volume up and down on your TV.

See you next time.

(Put your index fingers up in the air and move fingers like windscreen wipers, in time with the rhyme)

Tick, tock, tick, tock,  

Time to stop,  Time to stop,

That’s the end of the lesson………..Well Done!

  1. P. M. Adamson

    Just stumbled on your website and wanted to congratulate your Music staff for keeping Music going during the crisis. As a retired Music teacher it is refreshing to see such good music education thriving in an age when some schools fall short in this area, relying on popular whims and technology rather than solid teaching in extended areas of the subject such as the historical background and a wider choice of music. You tick all the boxes for me and the use of my version of ‘Daisy Daisy’ was an added bonus. It is good to know my efforts are still valid even after my teaching days are over. Wishing your school all the success it deserves. Good music means an outstanding school.

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