Welcome to Class 2!

Class 2 is taught by Mrs Temp and supported by teaching assistants Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Truman.

During this pivotal year, we encourage the children to flourish, becoming more independent and confident in themselves and in their learning. We will be preparing the children for their SATS at the end of the year, as well as their transition into Key stage 2.

In year 2 the children enjoy broadening their understanding and knowledge of the world, beyond our local area of Sevenoaks, with a highlight of the year including our class visit to London.  This trip allows the children to explore our capital city of London, on foot, visiting the significant landmarks from Nelson’s Column to Buckingham Palace. Ravenous after a day’s walking and sight-seeing, the children eagerly anticipate lunch at Pizza Express before heading back to school by train.

Year 2 also sees the children taking centre stage with speaking roles in the Key Stage 1 Nativity and Summer performance. It is always wonderful to see the children take on their parts with such enthusiasm, as well as help in leading the younger ones in their acting roles.

We look forward to watching your children blossom into their individual characters and make excellent progress through the year.  We invite you to read our class blog to find out more about life in Class 2.

Please visit our class blog