Welcome to Class 1!

Class 1 is taught by Miss Giles, supported by teaching assistants Mrs Ottway, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Pinder. We are also supported by Ms Bennett, higher level teaching assistant.

In Year 1 the children make the transition from Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1. Not only is the curriculum new, but the expectation for independence and concentration is increased. The transition is gradual, moving from largely play-led learning to a more formal style. Despite the more formal curriculum, the teaching and learning is still active, creative and hands-on. We aim to foster the children’s inquisitiveness and curiosity, and encourage them to challenge their own abilities.

A highlight of being in Year 1 is that the children have their first experience of Forest School. During the Autumn term, half of the class spend a whole morning each week exploring and learning outside, come rain or shine!  Working outdoors provides valuable experiences that cannot be replicated in the classroom, as well as the excitement of donning their wellies and waterproofs and travelling by minibus.

In addition to Forest School, the children also enjoy their first street dance lessons, preparing them for their starring role in the Christmas Performance. During the warmer months we like to make use of our outside space, doing science experiments outside to find out about flying and floating. Visiting The Vine, a special visit from Florence Nightingale and picking our own strawberries are a few of the exciting activities that we plan to do.

In Year 1 there is never a dull moment and  we invite you to read our class blog to find out more.

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