Week 6 – Counters

Hello Everyone!

Remember to send solutions to jgillhouley@stjohnssevenoaks.co.uk by 3pm next Wednesday. 
Simply write the type of maths challenge e.g. First Maths challenge, Junior Maths Challenge or Senior Maths challenge 
in the subject bar. Tell me your class and if you are happy for your work to be published on the blog. 
I look forward to seeing your ideas and solutions. If you can attach your work, that would really help!

Thank you for the feedback on codes week. What a lot of keen code breakers we have.

This week I have decided to go with the theme of counters. All the challenges use counters or can be solved using counters. What could you use if you don’t have counters? Why not try, bits of paper, coins, stones or pebbles, I wonder what creative ways you will find to solve these puzzles.

First Challenge

Download (DOCX, 85KB)

Junior Challenge

Download (DOCX, 44KB)

Senior Challenge

Download (DOCX, 45KB)

Just for fun – A bonus Challenge!

Download (DOCX, 48KB)



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