Week 5 – Code Crackers – Solutions

Thank you for your replies to last week’s challenges. We have a lot of keen code crackers at St. John’s.

First Challenge

We had picture algebra here – this just goes to show how early we introduce children to algebra. It is not something for older children, we actually start this in reception class.

Aalim in Class 1 tried this and did very well. The ‘monster’ pictures were particularly hard to work out. Have a look and you will see why.

Aalim then went on to try the first two Junior challenges. What tenacity! (see below)

Max S tried these too. What careful calculating.

He then went on to do some more and even set some questions of his own for his family! Well done Max S – good job.

Rory in Class 1 also tried this. What careful, neat work. He tells me it was a little bit like the Morse code he did with his granny last week on Facetime. Yes, it is! It’s a good idea to work out the answers before you put them onto the sheet too.

Zach in Class 1 tried this. Miss Giles will be pleased to see your partitioning of 22 – well done!

Junior Challenge

Aalim solved the first two – here are his workings.

Rory went on to this challenge too. I think everyone has really enjoyed the codes this week.

With the help of a clue, Rory was then able to work out the tricky challenge at the bottom!

Eloise in Class 6 tried also this. The first two puzzles are warm ups for the older children. The final one provides the challenge! Well done, Eloise.

Teddy in Class 2 also had a go – well done, Teddy.

Jamie in Class 4 was the only person to do the Junior Challenge Plus. Well done Jamie – I thought this was rather tricky!

Senior Challenge

This relied on noticing two of the mathematical patterns. Once you work out that the square has to have the value 2, this helps you with square x orange triangle. That is how I started, did you?

Eloise tried the Senior Challenge.

So did Alex from Class 5

And Mikalya from Class 6,

Jamie from Class 4 tried this out too!

  1. Mrs B Casewell

    Incredible mathematicians! This code cracking work is amazing. I really loved looking at all your solutions and I am really pleased to see year 4 represented amongst them. I wonder what puzzle Mrs Gillhouley will set next?

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