Wednesday 20th May

It was so lovely to see Year 6 on their zoom meeting today. They all brought the book they’re currently reading to our meeting. It was incredible how the group managed to express themselves while so naturally giving time to others to do the same. Genuinely there was a feeling of recommendation and passion for reading. Year 6 seem to have mastered seeing the  value of honesty in their reading. Some happily expressed the love of rereading an old favourite book while others were happy to try a challenging read. Everyone’s contributions were valued and celebrated. Well read our lovely Year  6!

The scavenger hunt was entertaining. The challenge to find 3 things and be first back in front of camera was taken seriously. This group were certainly fast off the mark!

After a general sharing of our pets it was time to say goodbye all too soon. Thank you for providing a highlight to my day Year 6.

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