Traffic and air pollution around the school

At a recent PTA meeting the problem of traffic and air pollution around the school was discussed.

Sally arranged for Merilyn Canet, a Sevenoaks District and Town Councillor, to come to school to discuss ways of making our point to the powers that be.  Merilyn has been a councillor for many years, greatly supporting all we are doing and her help in putting forward our concerns is much appreciated.   Three families, the Winkworths, Oxlaids and Annables have kindly taken on board the arranging of meetings in which to put forward a campaign to introduce various schemes to help improve the roads around the school. Such as 20mph limits and pedestrian crossings and with Merilyn’s encouragement the school is now ready to “make a difference”.  So watch this space…

  1. I note the concerns about traffic and air pollution around St. John’s School, including proposals to make it safer for students to get to and from school. As the campaign manager for 20’s Plenty for Kent, I would be delighted to help the families that have volunteered to lead the campaign, if wished.

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