Solutions to Maths Challenges Week 4

First Challenge

Max S in Year 1, solved this puzzle.  He used flash cards with the numbers on to add with, along with a little help from the numicon. He then went onto find 3 other totals using the cards. Well done Max!

I was delighted to see that Aalim in Year 1, used the coloured blocks – this is EXCELLENT. Often something amazing happens when we solve problems in this way – the brain sees maths in a special way and our brain grows.

Rory, in Year 1, also solved the puzzle. He decided to use dominoes. He tried out the different combinations of numbers adding these up to see which totals he could find. He found that over time the more sums he did, the easier the sums became and the more quickly he could find the answers he wanted. Well done, Rory! Great puzzling!

Zach in Year 1 also solved this. If you look carefully you can see how he started with the number 8 and generated many of the answers using this as a starting base. Great thinking!


Junior Challenge

Aalim also enjoyed cracking the codes. I know this is very popular with many people – especially me! Starting with the four circles is key to this puzzle. From there it is possible to reason the remaining answers.

Teddy, in Year 2, took this on and solved it correctly. If you lok carefully you can see the TOP TIP! Thank you Teddy.

Jamie, in year 4 also enjoyed this and

Senior Challenge

Mikayla was quick off the mark this week with her solution. She quickly realised that no house number could be higher than 8 as it would take the total of all the eight house greater than 36. She also worked out which combinations could NOT go together. She used my suggestion of cutting up the paper squares and reasoning her way to the final solution. Thank you for sharing your approach – this really helps others to consider ways to solve problem like this. Congratulations.

Eloise in Year 6 solved this too. Well done!

Alex, Year 5, also attempted this. It is a tricky problem, so very well done, Alex. As you can see, this arrangement of houses is different from Mikayla’s and Eloise’s but still solves the problem correctly. As in life, there are often many ways to solve the same problem.

Very excited about tomorrow’s challenges. I am releasing them early as we have VE day on Friday! Might there be a link? Who can guess what it will be?

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