Seville:Day 1

Everyone assembled in the school hall with impeccable timing by 6am, a best ever for this trip.
After handing in medication and wash bags the 25 children donned their tour hoodies – what a glorious sight and what high spirits then filled the hall! Farewells were completed quickly and we all piled on the coach to Gatwick.
On arriving Carrie realised she’d mislaid her purse. A call to Mrs Shrubb and her further call to the coach company and the money was located. Carrie is to be subbed for spending while here but now has to work hard to avoid the “Most Forgetful Award” Never fear Carrie, there are many other contenders in the running!
Our flight was smooth and easy. St. John’s children were praised over the tannoy for their splendid behaviour. Macushla and Tia were selected to assist with the in flight charity collection – all very flattering.
The temperature was 22° on our arrival. The sky a piercing, bright blue and the sun gorgeously hot which forced all hoodies to be discarded. After the short walk to the hostel we arranged our rooms and familiarised ourselves with our home for the next few days.
Then, some of us feeling pretty weary, we were off to enjoy our first real feel of this beautiful city. Your children really showed their appreciation of scenery and culture as we walked smartly to the ice cream shop for what we hoped was the first of many visits.
Finding the cathedral unusually closed today we headed to Plaza España then on to the park to cool our feet in the beautifully tiled shallow pool. “Can we walk about in the water” they asked. Why not thought the teachers. 10 minutes later 24 decidedly wet and thoroughly delighted pupils wound our way back to our hostel home. (Alexis could tell it would end that way and opted to stand and watch the mayhem)
A record number of showers took place, hair was washed and PJs worn with hoodies for a blow-out, delicious take away pizza supper on our veranda.
This really is a perfect base, we feel so lucky to have discovered it and to be treated as old friends by the management. The floodlit view of the cathedral has delighted one room of girls who believe it should be rated a 4star hotel!
With a busy day tomorrow we felt it sense to turn in and read or simply turn out our bedside lights and sleep. I’m currently sitting in the boys’ room on the unused bottom bunk. It’s been a struggle to sort those duvet covers – for all that is except well-trained Harry who has even coached his friends in the art. Don’t expect proficiency yet though, some of us remain baffled! I suppose the temptation to chat will eventually die down before I fall asleep.
Market day tomorrow and flamenco dancing. Who will be our flamenco king and queen we wonder?


Sally Quirk

  1. Jennie Tyler

    Thank you for taking the time to paint such an amazing picture of there first day…complete with photos! What a great start to this unforgettable experience. Well done Year 6 pupils and thank again to all the teaching staff!

  2. Martin Drewry

    Thanks so much for the update – above and beyond the call of duty after such an exhausting day! But much appreciated, and a real joy to read – helps us all really share it with you. Enjoy – hope you all have a fabulous time.

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