Seville Day 3

25 children showed excellent participation and proficiency at flamenco dancing yesterday. Ice creams helped to refresh everyone before the show that followed our lesson.
This year the show was rated even better than last year,  by St. John’s staff. All our lovely pupils were suitably impressed by the extreme skill of the professional dancers and only 3 succumbed to the overwhelming need to rest their eyes for a few minutes!

After a swift change of clothes and a rousing game on our veranda,  we made the gorgeous walk to our restaurant, winding through narrow cobbled orange tree-lined streets In the warm evening sunshine.
Seafood or vegetarian paella met with mixed responses. All ‘had a go’ and the heartiest eater managing 3 helpings (after a starter, 2 bread rolls and fizzy drink!)
Violet and Amelia L volunteered to act as our guides to take us back to our hostel and their mistake fortunately led us to the cathedral square where we stumbled upon a magical moment. A woodwind quartet were just setting up and we were entertained to Pachelbel’s  canon – just beautiful. Lexie was then recruited by our two guides and we sailed home!
Face, hands and teeth and a 10 minute read was offered but some couldn’t even stay the course for that. The previous short night suffered by Bailey with such energy suddenly proved too much and he tried bed fully clothed!

Day 3
A full and glorious night! Everyone needed waking at 7.20am.
Fully rehearsed in the breakfast routine we had eaten and prepared for the day by 8.50am so settled for a good session of great games. Who would ever have guessed Carrie could waggle her little toe at right angles and that Dylan wants to be wise when he grows up!

Then at 10.30am we were off to La Plaza de Toros for a fascinating tour and some chilling facts and figures.

We’re sitting and regrouping now, drinking tea, pleasing ourselves and bracing ourselves for the climb up the cathedral tower.

Sally Quirk

  1. Jennie Tyler

    I think all that sunshine, fun and discovery may be sparking even more growth. Just look at them! Thanks so much for giving them such a great opportunity!

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