Setting a good example

I have to admit that this week, after many weeks of being motivated, creative and busy, I have found this week a struggle. Maybe it is the end of term and my brain saying, ‘enough, you need a break’ I am not sure.However my reading, sewing and baking has dried up somewhat and my mojo seems to need a little recharge.

Maybe I need a new project or challenge? I have two rolls of wallpaper for my bedroom that have been waiting months to be put up and my garden is tidy (thanks to a helpful husband) yet flowerless. Perhaps I should divert some efforts next week to some of these projects. Often all we need to bring us out of a slump is to try something new, learn a new skill, take on a challenge.

My class send me lovely pictures of their finished work but it is the  pictures of them actually doing it that makes me smile. Look at these pictures of busy-ness; heads down, looks of concentration and hours whiled away:

Money maths.

Making a rain maker…

Busy making a mud hut…

A spot of camouflage craft…


I must take a leaf out of their book I think. Right…. where’re my gardening gloves and wallpaper paste?

Have a lovely half term week everyone.


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