Primary School Rugby Training

A few of St John’s Key Stage 2 pupils took part in a rugby training session organised by Sevenoaks Rugby Club yesterday afternoon on their ground. 50 pupils from a variety of local primary schools were there. They were split into 4 groups and then had 4 20 min training sessions with each of the 4 trained team coaches on different aspects of the game. This will go on for the next 3 weeks leading up to the Primary School Rugby Festival towards the end of the Rugby World Cup, which starts tomorrow.

The pupils had certainly been put through their paces and were all the fitter for it . Sevenoaks Rugby Club took the lead many years ago in going into the schools and St John’s takes full advantage of all they do. However it is not only the Rugby Club that helps at St John’s and we take full advantage of all the training that the Athletics, Hockey, Football, Boxing and Tennis clubs do at the school. Danielle Parfett leads a strong group of St John’s sports teachers and they work closely with the clubs to make sure not only that all the children have a lasting love of the sport, but those that do want to push themselves make the necessary progress at school and with the clubs.

We all know that taking part in sport is vital for our health, our general well being and gives us so much more self confidence and we can all feel proud of the way the schools and clubs work together in this area to make this so successful .

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