Open Morning for New Parents Mon 15th Oct

So far this term we have had 2 open mornings with not far short of 60 families joining us.
This is when I enjoy so much being here, because you see first hand the success that St John’s has had in developing self confidence in children, enabling them to communicate freely, and feel happy to talk about themselves and their school with others.

So this morning around 50 parents and some grandparents joined us with some of their young ones (who are given plenty of activities to amuse them) and after a coffee/tea Sally then talked to them about the school followed by Sophie Allen, the Reception teacher.
Then at about 10 o’clock half of Year 6 take over, and I mean take, by taking small groups of parents around the school. The Parents soon realise how enthusiastic these children are about St John’s, and see all the wonderful experiences the children have in and out of the classroom – the team spirit; the friends they make; the down to earth staff who they so respect and trust and are such fun. By 11.15 with assembly over, break nearly finished and the kitchen getting ready for lunch some of the parents were still with us talking with the children.
I am sure the new parents will remember all that Sally and Sophie said but for myself – having totally failed to get a word in all morning (except when I had some parents to myself on the school fields) I was just in awe of the way the children and the parents were in deep conversation with each other, and yes they will come, thanks to the children and that, for me, is why it’s the perfect day.

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