Monday 4th May

We spent Sunday netting our chicken run – a long and back breaking job. We had wondered why our 10 hens had dropped to laying only 3 eggs a day until on Sunday morning I watched a large crow fly over the wire, swoop into the henhouse and leave with a large brown egg in its beak. The audacious bird then flew a lap of our garden before disappearing into the woods.

So today I was so pleased to find 9 eggs nestling in the hay. Our hard work seems to have paid off and we can share our glut of delicious “Queggs” with our neighbours again.

The hard work of children and their families is clear to see and read about in all the class galleries. There’s so much fantastic learning going on and with such original interpretations. Year 6’s models of the heart are impressive and so varied, Year 3 can definitely  write lengthy stories and I’ve loved seeing all those Viking longboats, Year 4.
Great work St John’s!


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