Monday 4th May

Hello everyone!  Here we are back again on a Monday … a week which saw much of the same only more rain, and a sad farewell to lovely Mrs Canniford.  I hope you have all had time to watch our farewell video, it was quite a tear jerker!

I have had some lovely conversations with parents this last week.  You’re all doing an amazing job of keeping your children entertained, filled up with snacks and engaging in school work.  I do hope you’re proud of yourselves!  It got me thinking about how we talk about ourselves in front of our children.  Parents often tell me how they want their children to be confident and to have good self-esteem, and this got me thinking about the importance of modelling that.  How often do you praise yourself in front of your children?  It sounds a bit of a tricky concept, almost laughable, but it is ok to eat your evening meal and say “that was really nice!” or, for example, congratulating yourself on some colouring-in “Oh, I’m pleased with that!”.  It’s also good to model looking after yourself, such as “I need to have an early night tonight, I’m tired”.  Give it a go this week!  You may find it awkward at first, so you may need to practice it, but it does get easier I promise!  As ever, do let me know how you get on!

I do hope you are all ok and (as above) looking after yourselves!  Please remember you can contact me anytime by email [email protected] or on my mobile, and I’ll always be happy to hear from you!  Have a good week and enjoy an extra day this weekend, hopefully in the sunshine!  Love Jane xx

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