Monday 4th January

Thank you to everyone who, keeping distance,  came to collect their work packs this afternoon in the most miserable weather.
There was much talk of ‘Here we go again’ and ‘We can do this’ as well as ‘This wasn’t the news I wanted to hear’. One boy couldn’t bring himself to accompany his mum to collect his pack as he knew he wouldn’t be allowed in his school.
It’s definitely difficult times for everyone but I hope our improvements to remote learning make the whole business slightly easier for all of you juggling your roles at home while supporting your child’s learning.
Be kind to yourselves, do what you can and please do not worry if you miss a zoom or don’t get creative with the topic web every day. If in doubt, share a book together or model good reading by reading your own book!

What could be more cheering than the sight, today, of a first brave snowdrop?



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