Monday 1st June

Returning to school

Did you see Mrs Quirk’s video about school reopening tomorrow? If your child is returning to St John’s this week then I’m sure it would have been really helpful for them to see where they will be learning and playing and how their pod will be set up.

If they are returning to school tomorrow, possibly in a few weeks time or not until September, it will still seem strange after such a long break and preparing them for this change is always helpful, especially if you know they are anxious. To help reflect on time during lockdown and to think about coming back to school, I have attached some resources.  There are six worksheets which include activities such as ‘What I did during lockdown’ and ‘My top five worries about returning to school.’

I will be teaching in Lion Pod on Wednesday so I’m really looking forward to seeing some of your children then.


Download (PDF, 460KB)

Download (PDF, 566KB)

Download (PDF, 781KB)

Download (PDF, 1018KB)

Download (PDF, 221KB)

Download (PDF, 512KB)

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