Monday 11th May

Being kind 

One of the positive aspects emerging from this crisis is that people are re-discovering the art of kindness. Whether it is our weekly clap for carers or baking cakes for elderly neighbours, many people have paused their busy lives and made time to think about what they can do for others. Mrs Smith has also written in her blog about being kind to ourselves, making time for the things we enjoy and learning to praise ourselves when we have done something well such as made a nice meal.

The Red Cross has created a range of resources to help explore and promote the value of kindness. I particularly like this kindness calendar which can be used to record and plan kind acts that children, and their families, can do each month. This might include being helpful in the home, writing to a relative, checking on a neighbour or contributing to a food bank. Perhaps you could make a list of ways the family members could help each other around the home and in the community and put these on the calendar as they are completed.

Download (PDF, 54KB)


Many other kindness resources, suitable for different age groups, can be found on


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