May Half Term

Hello Math-e-magicians!

It’s half term next week, but that’s no reason to abandon maths and puzzling, if, like me, that’s your thing. But first a couple of jokes!

Here are links to activities that you may wish to try…

General maths puzzles:

Love emoji maths? Try this:

Rainy day? Online games:

Something of a challenge to think about….

You have a bucket, a container which holds 5 litres of water and container which holds 3 litres of water. You have nothing else.

How can you make the bucket contain EXACTLY 7 litres of water?

Number Sticks

Collect lots of sticks or twigs. Can you make the numbers 1-9 using the sticks? BUT the rule is, you need to make the number 1 with one stick, the number 2 with two sticks and so on. Is it possible? If it helps, you can use sticks of any size.


Here’s an interesting idea – can you find other ways to write numbers? This is written in Korean and shows us not only how to say the number but how it is written. I wonder what you will discover…

Have a lovely break,

Mrs G

Maths is beautiful and I love books too!






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