Maths Challenges – Week 4

Welcome to this week’s maths challenges. They have come out a little earlier than usual as next week is a 4 day week –  so feel free to get started!

Remember to send solutions to by 3pm next Wednesday. 
Simply write the type of maths challenge e.g. First Maths challenge, Junior Maths Challenge or Senior Maths challenge in the subject bar.  
Tell me your class and if you are happy for your work to be published on the blog. 
I look forward to seeing your ideas and solutions.
If you can attach your work, that would really help!

First Challenge

Tricky one this week, my keen mathematicians. Try your best – stick at it.

Download (DOCX, 142KB)

Junior Challenge

I LOVE these kind of puzzles. I hope you do too. I hear Year 4 are very good at these!

Download (DOCX, 104KB)

Senior Challenge

I’ve picked a tricky one! As this is hard, house points and special mentions on offer.

Download (DOCX, 85KB)

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