Liquid Nitrogen Science Show

Sevenoaks School Science teacher, James Tate, took to the stage as part of their STEM week to  share his  knowledge of liquid nitrogen with primary school pupils. Perfect for year 4 who have learned about different states of matter, the learning embedded what they had already learnt and contributed more to deepen their understanding of gases and the different states Nitrogen can take. Fascinating facts and we loved all the demonstrations.   Who knew you could change light with the use of nitrogen!  Thank you Sevenoaks School for inviting us . As always a fantastic learning opportunity!

 “I never knew nitrogen is 78% of the air.”

 “It was amazing when he put a rose in the liquid nitrogen it froze and then was incredibly brittle wand broke when he flicked it.” Arthur

“I really liked it when he made the bottle filled with nitrogen explode in a tub of ping pong balls.  The nitrogen wants to escape and take up more space.” Elizabete

“My favourite was when he put the Blu-tak in the nitrogen and it went hard and then he used a banana (also frozen in the nitrogen) to hammer it into the wood.”  Oliver

“I was impressed how he turned a bouncy ball into a marble using only nitrogen” Josh

“When he put the balloon in the nitrogen I didn’t know it would become small and shrink, and then when he took it out it expanded to its original size as the gas warmed up.” Sarah

“I was surprised how many investigations you could do with the nitrogen. “ Tommy

 “I was really surprised how you can use nitrogen to allow a filament to shine.” Jamie

“It was really exciting and we learnt lots.” Flo

“I learnt that the different colours that we see is because of the speed the light moves up and down. I thought it was amazing.” Felix

“I was amazed how he poured it on the floor and it disappeared –   that’s because it evaporates so quickly.”  Maxwell

“I liked how he popped the Pringles can lids with the use of nitrogen. “ Lenny


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