Lets do this!

Good morning Reception!!

How are you all? I wonder who the busy bees are going to be today?! This is normally one of the exciting parts of our morning at school! At least one positive is that you can all be busy bees for your family, helping with any little jobs around the house this week.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. It feels funny doesn’t it when the weekdays and weekend blur into one? Finding a way of differentiating from ‘school days’ and weekends becomes tricky when we are all at home but I’m sure you are all finding ways to make learning at home work for you and your family. My advice would be to try and find a balance that suits your situation. If anyone has any great ideas that have worked well for them, please let me know and I can share with everyone. Has anyone made up their own visual timetable, or are you wearing your uniform to make it feel more like school? I wondered if anyone would like to try using a new reward system. In Reception class we have a number of reward systems, including a class marble jar, house points and our greatly sort after ‘star of the week’ award. I thought you and your children may like to invent your own idea of something to work towards each week. If you wanted to continue collecting house points you could practise your maths recording skills and keep a tally chart. Or maybe you could make your own marble jar or chart where children can earn stickers or stars for challenges. Just make sure you and your children both understand what they need to do to earn the rewards. The targets should be achievable for your children to feel the benefit of achieving their goals. Let me know how you get on at the end of the week.

I thought we could start our week as we normally do at school with our rhyme of the week. On a Monday morning I normally introduce the children to a new rhyme, ditty or poem that we learn together as a class over the course of the week. We then try to recite the poem at the end of the week together and I give children the opportunity, if they feel brave, to have a go at performing it on their own! Can anyone remember any of our previous rhymes? A tiny seed or maybe Wake Up Spring? Here is your rhyme for this week Reception. It’s a tricky one but we have time on our side! Will anyone be able to recite it by Friday?!

I’ve been trying to get out for a walk each day for some exercise and fresh air, and on one of my walks this weekend I spotted a little flower which got me thinking about maths in nature! Have you ever looked around to see what shapes, patterns and numbers you can spot in nature? Once you start looking there is maths everywhere, counting the petals on a flower or spotting the spiral on a snail shell are just a couple of examples. How many petals do you count when you look at my white flower? Let me know what you think? If you are going into your garden or for a walk this week what numbers or patterns can you spot in nature?

Looking ahead to this week’s learning challenges, I’m looking forward to finding out what you all decide to make using a toilet roll tube. I will of course be having a go as well! Here are a few of the ideas I’ve found so far but I’m undecided as to which to choose! I hope you all have a good week and please stay in touch by commenting on my blog. I’m researching whether we can enable you to email me via mini mash, so I will keep you updated.

Take care and happy home learning, Mrs. Canniford x

  1. Seb Crewe-Earnshaw

    Good morning Mrs C.
    Thank you for your fun blogs. Seb is looking forward to making a loo roll flower. We have just returned from our morning Scavenger hunt and ready to get creative. We both really enjoy reading your blogs and hope you are doing well. Enjoy your day. Seb & Marie

    • Miss S ALLEN

      Hi Seb and Marie,
      I’m glad you’ve been reading and enjoying them! I’m looking forward to seeing or hearing about how your loo roll flower turns out! It may get you inspired to make more loo roll models!! It is lovely imagining everyone all busy making…despite us doing it in our separate homes, it makes it feel like we are still a team!
      Take care and speak soon, Mrs. Canniford xx

  2. Mrs S TEMP

    What a lovely blog, Mrs Canniford and full of ideas too. I think I will make a toilet roll model today!

  3. Mrs J SMITH

    Hello Mrs Canniford! I think Buzz and I will have a go at the toilet roll thing too thank you for the idea!

  4. Dear Mrs Canniford!
    My mum is reading your blog to me every week and I like your ideas and how you are doing. I’m really missing you, my friends and school.
    I remember a rhyme that you taught me. “I eat my peas with honey. I have done it all my live. It makes the peas taste funny but it keeps them on the knife.”
    I also remember when you gave me a tick on the reward chart because I tied up the beads without you asking me to.
    I love cooking with Mummy and being a busy bee at home. I helped dig a big hole in the garden for the compost and keeping the worms happy. I spotted lots of them… one was very tiny and one was super long. We also watched a video about how hail was formed after the crazy weather yesterday.
    Now I will make lovely toilet roll tube art.
    Love from Iris

    • Miss S ALLEN

      Hello Iris!
      How lovely to hear from you. I’m missing you all too, that is why it is lovely being able to write messages, letters or emails to friends and family to stay in touch. What a brilliant idea digging a hole for your compost. I may have to do them same as our compost bin is overflowing now we are at home all the time and filling it with all our fruit and vegetable peelings!
      Well done for remembering the peas and honey poem! I think we all liked that one because it made us laugh! I can imagine you have been very helpful to your family at home as you always were in school. Just think of the house points you are building up!
      I look forward to finding out what you chose to make using your toilet roll tube Iris,
      Love from Mrs. Canniford xx

      • Morning Mrs. Canniford!
        I chose to make a mouse (I named her Whiskers) to match the lovely poem that you suggested to us. I put it on my flotation device and it worked!
        Have a nice day.
        Love from Iris

        • Miss S ALLEN

          What a great name for your mouse Iris!! I wonder if Whiskers is going to go on any other adventures? You could make up lovely stories about Whiskers?!
          Love from Mrs. Canniford x

  5. Mrs S GRIMBLE

    I love your rhyme of the week and think that I will learn this week’s rhyme about mice!

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