KS1 El Monstruo – The Monster

¡Buenos días a todos!

¿Qué tal? Muy bien / regular/ fatal

I hope you managed to join in with the body parts songs last week. Have another go and don’t forget to join in with the movements.

  • los pies – feet
  • las piernas – legs
  • las rodillas – knees
  • la cadera – hip
  • los hombros – shoulders
  • el cuello – neck
  • la lengua – tongue
  • los ojos – eyes
  • las manos – hands

Have a look at my silly monster. I’d like you to draw your own monster and then using my pictures to help you, can you label some of the body parts in Spanish? I am sure your teachers would love to see your creations so don’t forget to send them a copy of your picture.


Hasta luego,

Señora Hayes x



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