KS 2 Spanish La comida – food

¡Hola a todos!

¿Qué tal? Muy bien / regular/ fatal

I hope you had a lovely week off from school work. I enjoyed spending time with my children without having to do home schooling. We went for some nice walks, played a few games and even managed a trip to the beach. Me encanta la playa – I love the beach. I am back at school this week so I might see some of you.

Today I would like you to think about ‘la comida’ (food). Spend a little time looking at the photos of the food words and choose an activity to do.

  • Write a food diary in Spanish
  • Make a menu for a home restaurant or café.
  • Make a poster of your favourite foods.

You could draw the foods and label them in Spanish or you could use a computer and find pictures on google to print out. I have included some phrases below that might be handy.


For a food diary:

  • El lunes como lasaña con ensalada.
  • On Monday I eat lasagne with salad.
  • El martes como pizza y patatas fritas.
  • On Tuesday I eat pizza and chips.
  • El miércoles como macarrones con queso.
  • On Wednesday I eat macaroni with cheese.
  • El jueves como pescaditos con patatas y guisantes.
  • On Thursday I eat fish fingers with potato and peas.
  • El viernes como salchichas y zanahorias.
  • On Friday I eat sausages and carrots.
  • El sábado como ensalada y tarta de verduras.
  • On Saturday I eat salad and vegetable quiche.
  • El domingo como pollo asado.
  • On Sunday I eat roast chicken. 

For meal times:

El desayuno = breakfast

La hora de comer = lunchtime

La merienda = snack

La cena = dinner

Maybe you could give an opinion:

  • Me gusta = I like
  • Me gusta bastante = I quite like
  • Me encanta = I love
  • No me gusta = I don’t like
  • No me gusta nada = I really don’t like

Remember to add an ‘n’ to gusta / encanta for plurals.

Eg Me gustan las salchichas. I like sausages.

You could send me your work to my email address: [email protected]

I’d love to see what you have done!

¡Hasta pronto¡

Señora Hayes x

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