Is it only day 5?!

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it was only four days ago that I was writing my Monday morning blog! I definitely feel like time has been going a lot slower recently. I’m so used to looking at the clock and thinking, “Wow is it quarter to three already? We had better have tidy up time otherwise we won’t have time for our end of the day story!”

How has everyone’s first week been? I really hope the work packs have helped! I know from speaking to my sister, who has three children under seven now at home with her, that she has had her hands full trying to juggle all their various needs and their set activities. Please do not feel in any well under pressure to stick to the timetable in a rigid fashion. We are all obviously finding our way in these unprecedented times. As teachers, we are hoping to provide you with enough to keep your little ones occupied but not too much that you’re tearing your hair out looking in the loft for craft materials for an activity that you might end up doing alone as they’ve lost interest!

I have found myself breaking the days down into bite size chunks to try and replicate a school day as much as possible. You don’t realise how much you rely on routine until you no longer have it! I’ve found myself naturally being pulled towards the kettle at 10:45 to make a herbal tea despite there being no official ‘break time’! I thought as I had set you some creative tasks this week, it was only fair to have a go myself to make sure my ideas weren’t too unrealistic.

On Monday, I set about on my mission to make a flotation device using recycled materials. Luckily, I’m already in the habit of saving boxes and tubs so I had an array to choose from. I channelled my inner Reception child, thinking of the details my boat needed such as a comfortable bubble wrap chair and a toilet roll life ring! The pictures below show my finished model, and I even adding labels (a great way to encourage your children to write independently while remaining focused on something practical.)


I have also been attempted to explore some new mindful tasks and hobbies this week. With the prospect of self-isolation, I decided now was the time to teach myself to knit. If I wasn’t going to master it now then there would never be a time… so with the help of a knitting book and YouTube I have taught myself a basic stitch and am hoping it may be able to become a blanket for my bump when it arrives! Here is what I’ve done so far.

I also wanted to talk briefly about cooking/baking and the endless learning opportunities involved when doing this with children. I am aware that food supplies may be tricky however even looking in the backs of your cupboards you may be able to scramble together enough ingredients to bake something simple. I chose a lemon drizzle recipe as it had minimal ingredients and I had some lemons that needed using. Getting your children involved with counting out the eggs, comparing the weights of different ingredients as well as the language opportunities when describing the different textures, smells and tastes as they mix, squeeze and drizzle are all wonderful learning opportunities. So maybe you will have a go over the weekend? Whatever you have been up to or are planning to do to keep busy please do comment on the blog and let me know as I’d love to hear how you have all been getting on? Stay safe, Mrs. Canniford

  1. Hello Mrs Canniford 🙂 It’s Amy.
    I made a little boat too with enough space for 3 little people, and it floated. I like your photos, the cake looks nice! I made banana loaf with mummy and daddy, and we are going to make apple oat cookies today! I miss you and all my class friends .. Amy xx

    • Miss S ALLEN

      Hi Amy!
      Wow, a three person boat sounds fabulous, especially if it floated! I’m so glad to hear you’ve been baking too! A banana loaf sounds delicious, and it’s a great way to use up bananas that are looking a little old in your fruit bowl! I miss you all too! Maybe you could write some letters to your friends to stay in touch?
      Take care and hope to see you soon, Mrs. Canniford xx

  2. Hi Mrs C, thank you so much for the blog ! Your lemon drizzle looked delicious. I will be sure to share the photos and news with Meg.
    Meg and I have had a fun week – working through activities from the school pack (thank you – they are most helpful!) and of course PE with the Body Coach is a daily family affair. We have baked cookies, played with playdough in the sunshine, lots of pretend play & dress up! We hope to spend some time next week planting pea and bean seeds we have. Thank you again for sharing your news. x

    • Miss S ALLEN

      Hi Laura and Megan,
      So lovely to hear how you’ve been getting on! I’m glad the pack from school has been useful and don’t fear I’m in the process of conjuring up some more ideas to try at home. What a great idea to do some planting if you have the seeds, it is a great time of year for it, plus you will be able to watch it grow more carefully than normal! Let me know how you get on, maybe you to make a weekly diary about how your seed project goes?
      Take care and keep up the great work, Mrs. Canniford xx

  3. Hello Mrs Canniford, I miss you and playing with my friends.
    I’ve had a fun week playing with my brothers and being in the garden.
    Mummy says thank you very much for all the work.The time table is brilliant especially as it’s very similar to my brothers so we can all do the same thing.
    I’ve been doing PE every morning and some cosmic yoga.
    Love Brody xxx

    • Miss S ALLEN

      Hi Brody!
      How are you? It was lovely to read your reply and hear you have been getting on well with your work at home. That is great that you have been doing daily P.E to keep healthy, what sort of exercises or sports are your favourite? I’ve been doing yoga too, its great for stretching as well as a bit of mindfulness!
      Take care and have a good week, Mrs. Canniford x

  4. Harry Mclaughlin

    Hi Mrs Canniford,
    We hope you are well, thank you for such a lovely blog post ands nice to hear you are keeping well, resting too I hope.
    It is lovely to have Harry at home, and wow its’ very busy with all three of them, though both boys’ are loving the time with mummy & daddy and baby Ruby. We have been busy, planting seeds as Harry loved watching his bean grow so much .Both boys’ have been playing in the garden and playing lots of number and word board games- We will send Noah to reception reading haha! We enjoyed the number treasure hunt idea and jumping on the tricky words that I cut out and placed around the kitchen floor.
    Harry made a boat out of a butter container, loo roll and fabric for a sail and was super impressed with himself as it floated in the bath, as I am sure you can imagine it is craft central.
    We have been looking after our elderly neighbours and involved in the local “eye spy” game which consisted of placing a rainbow in the window.
    Take care and lots of love from all the McLaughlins’

    • Miss S ALLEN

      Hi to all the McLaughlins!
      I’m sure the boys are being wonderful big brothers to Ruby, and how wonderful that they will have so many memories of her as a baby because they can spend more time with her. I can imagine your house has been full of crafting as I know how much Harry loves making, drawing and painting! I love the sound of your boat Harry, a fabric sail sounds very professional! Do you remember what funny thing sailor used as a sail for his boat in one of the ‘Old Bear’ stories from our author box?!
      Take care and keep up the wonderful work Harry, Mrs. Canniford x

  5. Dear Mrs Canniford
    What a yummy picture of your lemon cake.
    Last week, I’ve helped my Mum to make a easy carrot cake (Brazilian recipe) and a cookies with coconut flour.
    My big sister and big brother are keeping me very fit with lots of running ‍♀️‍♂️‍♀️ around the garden and house but I also had a go at Frozen ❄ themed yoga and Joe Wicks exercise.
    Thank you for writing this blog and I must ask Mum to bake a lemon cake too!
    Love from Iris

    • Miss S ALLEN

      Hello Iris,
      Sorry I hadn’t responded sooner, for some reason your message had to be allowed so I hadn’t read it! Teacher’s are still having to learn new things just like children!! I think I remember tasting a delicious carrot cake when I came on a home visit for either you or Daniel! I bet the Joe Wicks is keeping you super fit too!
      Take care and keep up the yoga, Love Mrs. Canniford xx

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