Get your lettuce here!!

We have welcomed the children back this term with the grand opening of Reception’s very own farm shop. To link in with our topic this term learning about ‘Farms and Growing’ the children have loved sorting the produce, writing labels and most importantly, working out how much to charge for prize winning potatoes! We have begun making some more long lasting fruit and vegetables in our craft area to be sold in our shop as I thought the fresh produce won’t look quite so appetising by week five!

I am also keen to link the role play area to some real life maths opportunites as we learn a little more about money in maths this term. We have already been using coins in our daily snack shop, so we will be building on this to understand the value of each coin and begin working out various ways they can pay for things using a range of coins.

We had great fun this week exploring different ways to make ten using our ten frames. The children have become so good at recognising patterns when looking at the ten frames that they could begin to record their explorations as shown in some of the pictures below. By securing this understanding of what various numbers are made up of it forms the basis of their knowledge when working out how to add and subtract numbers.

As your children may have already told you, every week as we learn a new tricky word we sing a rather catchy little song to help us remember them. There are a couple of words that we learn separately as they don’t feature, but I thought it might be handy to put a link to the song on our blog so if you want to have a go at home you may! I do warn you though it is rather catchy so be prepared to be singing the words ‘I, to and go’ all day!

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