Friday 5th June

Hi everyone!

How are you all?  I have been in the playground twice this week and it has been so lovely to see some of you.  On Tuesday morning it took nearly 45 minutes for everyone to come into the playground and queue up to have their temperature taken before going into their new pods, and I was so impressed today that everyone was inside after only just 20 minutes!

I wonder what it would be helpful for me to talk about on here?  Something I learned this week is just how nice it was to see some of the staff at St John’s and also some of the lovely families again.  I knew how much I was missing seeing my family, but the reality is, I have really missed meeting with and talking to all of you too!

5 things have been recommended to help boost our mental health and connecting with people is just one of them.  The other 4 are: exercise, and this includes just getting out of the house for a walk, eating well, getting enough sleep and keeping to some sort of routine.  All these things help boost our immune systems too!

I do hope to see all of you soon, but as ever, please feel free to contact me at any time on 07376 216 078 or email me [email protected]

Speak soon!  Love Jane xx

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