Friday 1st May

Hello everyone!

Well this week hasn’t been such sunny weather has it?  Buzz and I have still be going out for a lovely walk every day. We found a very interesting place, with a very big chair … have you any idea whose chair it might be?

Buzz is getting hairier and hairier and it’s become quite a challenge trying to keep him free from knots and matted fur!  We all hate having our hair brushed don’t we, so I have to wait until he’s fast asleep before I brush him!  I have bought him a coat to wear when he’s wet to help dry him.  Here’s a picture of it, he looks a bit like a deckchair!


I hope next week is sunnier and we can all enjoy being outside again for some of the day. One of the good things about staying at home is that I have found some lovely new walks near my house, and the roads are much quieter … I’ll see what I can find to share with you next week!  Have a good week everyone, and I shall be back next Friday with some new photos of Buzz!  We miss you very much love Jane and Buzz xx

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