Farewells all round!

Well, the date I have had marked on my calendar for a while is here, and I suddenly don’t feel quite ready!! Don’t get me wrong, I could not be more over the moon and excited to meet baby Canniford and become a little family of three! But alongside the joy and anticipation of becoming a parent I have to say goodbye which I am not particularly good at!! A wise soul once told me, “If you don’t like saying goodbyes just say ta ta for now…. It is much easier!” So that is what I am going to do! And really, it is only goodbye for a year, as I will be back! I do just want to take a moment to say how lucky I feel to have been part of a brilliant school for the last ten years. It has been a huge part of my life and really is a unique place to work with such wonderful, supportive families and hardworking staff, I will miss it!

I had a little idea that I thought might be something fun for you to do over the weekend! Inspired by all the fabulous support for the NHS and the various rainbows I have seen popping up everywhere I thought about what other things you could use to make a rainbow. For anyone else that used to love a bit of ‘Art Attack’ I had a go at making my own giant rainbow art attack using clothing from around the house. I will quickly admit now that it was while I was meant doing some sorting/packing and may well have been a good excuse to procrastinate! As I begun to make my giant rainbow, I couldn’t help but think how much children may enjoy doing something similar. You could use a whole range of things you have in your home from books to clothing to towels. Have a go at making your own giant rainbow, or you might like to make another giant picture?

Your Reception children have been busy bee’s again this week. I’ve been so thrilled so see and hear about so many of their wonderful challenges they have been completing. I know they may well be having ups and downs in terms of their mood and motivation and please feel reassured this is to be expected. Just like adults, they are trying to make sense of the changes that are happening and may well have days of not being so keen to do their work. Please don’t be hard on yourselves and think it is something you are or are not doing right. Focus on the things they do enjoy for a day and try again tomorrow. With this thought in mind, the school gallery is a great way to motivate children, looking at their friend’s photos and seeing what they have been doing. Here are a few highlights from this week in Reception.

It seems rather fitting that on my final day the butterflies have finally emerged from their chrysalises and are ready to be released, so it is a double goodbye! I will think of all my class as I watch the butterflies spread their wings and flutter off to find some lovely flowers to drink nectar from. I have included a little video of them just after they appeared from their sleepy chrysalises, dried off their wings and were showing me they were ready to be set free!

So, it is time for me to say ‘Ta ta for now’

Sending all my love, stay safe and hope to see you soon,

Mrs. Canniford xxx

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