End of Term

I have the very privileged position of being a Governor here and in the present times when we badly need Leadership and the right examples to be set it, gives me great confidence that with the Leadership we have at St John’s from Sally and her entire team; together with the co-operation, help and support the school has from the parents and grandparents (as shown with such great strength in all that took place this morning) then every word of our great School Song Year 6 will activate not only in setting those examples but leading others to do the same.

Words can be just words, but here at St John’s we know they mean Action.

A truly great school.

The School Song


Imagine a place, a place full of happiness

Everyone equal, and never the same

Imagine a place where we live with compassion

Learning together, achieving our aims.


Imagine a place, a place full of challenges

Everyone striving and finding their way

Imagine a place, understanding and tolerant

Full of resilience, embracing each day.


St John’s is the place where we all make a difference

Positive actions and making things right

St John’s is our place in God’s wonderful world

We can stand strong in his glorious light.

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