End OF Term Plays and Service

The plays are always highlights of the school year and this years’ were indeed something special.  The Directors, Sophie Allen (who also wrote the Key Stage 1 play “Cock-A-Doodle-Don’t), Jane Gillhouley (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat) and the Musical Director Lizzie Hughes are the hugely talented leaders.  However they will be the first to admit that their teams of staff and a significant army of parents who organise costumes, props etc, make it possible for them to take all they do to the highest level.

The Key Stage 1 play was a joy to watch, the children were enjoying themselves and all the songs were so well learnt and rehearsed with Sophie as the master inspiration.

This year the Key Stage 2 play was always going to be a challenge with a double form (64 pupils) taking part.  Jane and her team surpassed themselves by successfully including all the children, with the main parts being taken by 6M on the Wednesday evening and by 6W on the Thursday with the actors swapping to become the choir on the other evening.  This meant training all 64 pupils into serious acting and singing roles so that everyone had a part to play, enabling 16 children to have solo singing parts.  Jane, Lizzie and their team must take great credit for achieving such a high standard from all the children and this just proved once more the importance of the St John’s spirit and “Way of Life”.  The acting and singing from both Year 6’s was outstanding along with the enthusiastic singing and dancing from Years 3, 4 and 5; all the parents must have been so proud of their children, and the school, as they cheered and applauded at the end of the play.

To me it shows the tremendous strength of St John’s in seeing the self-confidence the children have to be themselves and to enjoy what they are doing.  I have great confidence in their ability to become leaders in their new schools.

I am looking forward to next Tuesday when we will have what is in effect the Year 6 leavers’ service at the church with the whole school there along with the Year 6 parents and grandparents.  This is followed by a leavers’ assembly back at school with a well-organised party in their classrooms.  Again, always a great occasion with hardly a dry eye in the church with everyone wishing the pupils all the very best as they move on to their future schools.  We thank them for the leadership they have shown and all they have contributed to the running of St John’s.

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