Cross Country at Radnor House, Wednesday 31st October

This is another example of real team work with the school, parents and local clubs all working as one. What strikes one immediately is the dedication and keenness to do well from the children, with all the encouragement in the world from the parents as well as from the children who encourage each other before and after each race.

Clare Ridler has been responsible for making sure there is a well-established cross-country club in the school, which she is running with the help of Sevenoaks Athletics Club coaches. The standard has gone from strength to strength.  The school can now hold its own in any competition.

Today we had girls’ and boys’ teams from Years 3/4 and 5/6 competing.  The outstanding performances came from Mackenzie who won the boys’ Years 5/6 race by a country mile and even with no real opposition ran as if his life depended on it, and Lucy who came fifth in the girls’ Year 5/6 race.  To cap it all the girls’ 5/6 team came second and the boys’ 5/6 team third in the team event.

Another very successful day for St John’s.


Years 3/4 Boys: Max, Temwa, Jacob, Harry, Joseph, Andrew, Benjamin.

Years 3/4 Girls:  Lauren, Georgia, Isabella, Eloise, Erin, Emily.

Years 5/6 Boys: Dante, Harry, Bailey, Milo, Mackenzie, Sam, Griff, Watipa.

Years 5/6 Girls:  Tia, Amelia, Lois, Lucy, Amber, Isabelle.

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