Churros Day 2 Seville

Seville: Day 2

Either yesterday ended very late or today started very early. At 2:15am I was woken by noise that I put down as youth returning from a night out in Seville. Alas, it was St John’s boys up, dressed and playing Uno. Their defence…the cathedral bell struck 6. No it didn’t, that was the quarter to 2 chime! In their enthusiasm to draw the curtains, one had come away in their hands.

Firm words saw them hop into bed and sleep until the wake up call at 7:20am.

After a huge and delicious breakfast with ad lib pastries we planned out shopping and  made our way across the Triana bridge to the market. Every child used their Spanish brilliantly.  The market stall holders were so accommodating

They encouraged and praised our efforts.  Every teacher was impressed with the children in their group. Seniors Hayes should feel suitably pleased with the teaching she’s led at St. John’s.

Our walk back to the hostel was broken with the long awaited trip to the Churreria. Photos show how well this measured up to expectations. And another first for St John’s  …NOBODY spilt any chocolate!


So, now I sit on our veranda supervising souvenir shopping after a truly delicious buffet lunch of all our great purchases. The souvenir shop owner loves us, it’s official! Impeccably well behaved children have been in and out over the last hour making considered choices and parting with hundreds of euros.


But now, now we’re off to a flamenco lesson and professional show! Update to follow.



Sally Quirk


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