Celebrating STEM successes

If you have been looking at that 66 STEM ideas sheet and wondering if making a solar oven is even possible, I can now assure you it is. Thanks to this determined, ingenious engineer in Year 6, we have proof!

She built a solar oven, cooked an egg in it (sunny side up) and ate it! Apparently, it took 90 minutes for the egg to cook, so it would not be ideal if you were ravenous or lacking in patience but it does show you what is possible.If you would like to have a go yourselves and make some Smores, this website may help: https://climatekids.nasa.gov/smores/

Remember to get an adult to help.

This website also shows you how the solar oven is used around the world to help people in  poorer countries. .

I have so enjoyed seeing all the STEM projects that you have completed in the class galleries. We are such a great bunch of STEM engineers at St John’s and we do love our science. In case you may be running out of ideas on your 66 STEM ideas sheet, here is the latest of the activity sheets with more ideas for you to try at home. You might want to have look at earlier blogs for the others too.

I do love seeing what you are up to and what you discover, so please do email me or post comments below.

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Eco-Gardening Club update

Dear children, especially those of you who attend Eco-Gardening club.

I have news for you. Think way back to March. Do you remember us chitting our seed potatoes to get them ready for planting in our potato sacks? Do you recall the day we had to find soil and decide on the best place to grow our potatoes? We all planted together and made sure that we had 3 seed potatoes in each bag and covered them over with a bit of soil.

Well, as school was shut and I had to collect the fish to bring home to stay with me, I made the decision to bring home the potatoes too as I knew they would need a lot of care and attention to be able to continue growing. So, over the weeks, I have been topping up the soil to cover the new growth until eventually I filled the bags with soil. This is what the potatoes look like now.  They grow so quickly and soon we may have the first harvest. I am so curious to know how many potatoes will be inside each bag. Are you? I will keep you posted.

I wonder are you growing potatoes at home too?


Today, Mrs Grimble sent me this wonderful act of kindness in response to the Earth Day suggestions that someone in her class did with his brother. Writing a letter, packaging seeds and delivering it to neighbours is such a thoughtful idea. I know Elspeth and her family did similar. Aren’t we a thoughtful, proactive lot at St John’s ! Thank you for sharing with us.

Delivering their Earth Day letters


Here are some great Science based activities for you to do at home. Today, the weather is bit rainy but there are still plenty of activities that could be done indoors today. Why don’t you have a go at the paper tower, make things move or musical glasses challenge or even design a waterproof roof for the three little pigs’ houses (It looks like they’ll need that today).

Have fun and do email me a photo of you doing one of these, so I celebrate your science learning and share it on the blog.

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Earth Day continued… part 3 “It can be done”

I had two lovely surprises in my inbox on Friday. This was one of them which I think illustrates the message of Earth Day really well.

Download (PDF, 20.63MB)

I also received an email providing me with a link to a video and message given by the late Stephen Hawking. This comes from the European Space Agency:

In summer 2018, ESA joined with the musician Vangelis and the family of scientist Prof. Stephen Hawking to beam a message marking his passing to the nearest black hole. On 22 April 2020, Earth Day, we’re transmitting this poignant message to all of planet Earth – as a message of hope, to say that, by working together, we can overcome this crisis and others facing humankind.       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXqG615ATiw

Celebrating Earth Day (part 2)

I just read Mrs Quirk’s Earth Day blog, what a wonderful quote from Franklin D Roosevelt. From reading the blogs and looking at the photos, St John’s staff and families certainly do enjoy spending time in nature and I know that they will all be doing their bit to protect the wonderful Earth we have. Rory says it all in his work below:

There are so many  lovely pieces of work. These are just a few examples.


Iris ‘Earth Day’ inspired fairy garden

Seb’s brilliantly colourful nature collage.



Today is Earth Day – 50th Anniversary

50 years a go, a group of people came together for the very first Earth Day. This was in America and after a massive oil spill. They wanted everyone to take notice of the environment and what harm human activity was causing. This led to new laws being introduced and a global interest in climate change and environmental issues.

Around the world, the 22nd April is marked as a special day in which millions of people do acts to preserve and sustain the earth. Although we are all at home at this time, we can still think about actions we can take to make a difference in looking after our environment.

We now have the time to reflect on our every day lives and think: “Do we need to use the car as much as we do? Do we have to buy new clothes to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Can we be more careful with our food and stop food waste?”  Out of this very challenging time we are having, I believe will come some great things. Perhaps you can make a planet pledge.

If you would like to mark this day too. Here are a few suggestions and a couple of resources you might like:

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Download (PDF, 919KB)

Download (PDF, 208KB)

Download (PDF, 959KB)

Download (PDF, 7.03MB)

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BORED??? Turn to STEM!!

I have heard from some of you how much you are enjoying the STEM challenges.  Here are a few more ideas for you to try at home.  I’d love to hear  more about your science learning so please feel free to comment on the blog below.

Have fun!

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