Little John’s

Don’t forget Little John’s is on every Tuesday at 2pm for all pre-schoolers.  Come and let your children play, whilst you can talk to other parents and carers … all welcome!  Please don’t wear your best clothes as we often have something a little messy out to play with!



We have been really busy this term, having lots of fun and sometimes getting a bit too messy (sorry grown ups!).

Please come and join us on Tuesdays at 2pm til pick up time!  All welcome!


We’ve been having fun at Little John’s this term playing with Autumn themed messy play activities.  I think all the parents were really pleased I had set out water this week (not!).

We painted leaves and pumpkins and decorated them with sparkly things.

Next week is our Christmas party so see you there!

Little John’s

Little John’s is still running on Tuesday afternoons, outside if weather permitting.  Please do come along if you’re free, all welcome!  Tuesdays 2-3.15pm.




Please bear in mind your little ones may get a bit messy!





Last Little John’s

We had the last session of Little John’s on the 11th of July, and said goodbye to a few children that have been coming since they were babies, and are now ready to start school in September!


We will start back again on Tuesday 26th September at 2pm – all welcome so hope to see you then!

Parenting Workshop

We had some really interesting chats last term, including an hour spent looking at sleep , not only just how important it is, but also some healthy habits we can use to help us sleep well at night.  We will meet again this week on Thursday mornings between 9-10am so please do come along and join in, all are welcome!

Little Johns is continuing on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm until the end of school.  Yesterday we had 15 families joining us with lots of toys and activities and chatter!  Again, all are most welcome, whether you are a family that attends St Johns or not, so I look forward to seeing you!

Messy herbs


Little John’s is back running on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm.  Last week we had fun playing with water, and this week we are hoping to play with pretend snow!  Watch this space …..

January Messy Play

I am also starting a new Confident Parenting course this Thursday (the 19th of January) for all parents.  It’s on just for an hour, from 9 til 10 on a Thursday morning,  It’s a 6 week conversational course designed to build parental confidence when it comes to tackling behaviour in the home, covering such topics as being positive at home, family routines and friendships.  ALL WELCOME!

Hope to see you all soon!

Little John’s

‘Little Johns’ is held on Tuesday afternoons from 2-3.15pm for all pre-schoolers, so please come along when you can, families who don’t attend the school are welcome too!

Boys and toys

We always have some sort of messy play, and plenty of other toys, and it’s chance to get to know other parents and for your children to meet with other children who may well become their class mates one day!

Messy herbs

Parenting Workshop

On Thursday mornings we meet between 9 – 10 am and talk about various aspects of parenting.  A couple of weeks ago we talked about Mindfulness, and how it can help us with anxiety and feeling down, and we had a go at colouring in a mandala.  We actually managed to stay silent for 10 minutes (even though we were only aiming for 5!) and everyone agreed to feeling relaxed and peaceful at the end.  Mindfulness exercises are something that can be carried out by everyone, adults and children, and definitely take some practice as we learn to focus on the moment and our senses, and letting go of our anxieties – which is not always as easy as it sounds!



Last week the session was about resilience, and what we can do to help our children bounce back after things go wrong.  This week’s session is about Anger, and helping our children deal with it in a healthy way, so do feel free to join us, or let me know if there is a subject you would like to cover!  Everyone is welcome!