Fabulous day in the forest for Year 6

We have just got back from our Wolf Brother inspired day in the forest. Our clans were formed, shelters built, damper eaten and weapons made. Archery competition tomorrow!!!! Thank you so much to Becky, Harry’s mum for all her help.

Here’s an insight into our day.

Jane Gillhouley


Welcome to Year 6

The new Year 6 class have made a fabulous start to the term! They have settled into a new academic year so well and already feel established as our leaders and role models.

On Friday they were given their Year 6 ties and their responsibilities for the year. We now have house captains, sports captains, school council and class representatives. Some have even begun their role. We are now looking for Peer Mediators as part of the Peace Works programme. Applications go out this week.

In class, we are reading Wolf Brother by Michelle Pavin and this is turning out to be a wonderful book for inspiring not only reading but writing too. This Friday we will also have an art day based on the story as well as a day in the forest living in clans and solving challenges which Torak (the protagonist of the book) would have faced.

Science is fascinating as we look at inheritance and adaptation which complements the RE work on creation and evolution so well. As you can imagine we have started to have some rather in depth discussions and have been asking some of life’s BIG questions, like,  How did I get here? And what makes me me?

Alongside this the children have been finding out about biomes. They will be researching and presenting information on this to each other in the next couple of weeks. In a time where we are thinking about climate change, this couldn’t be more relevant.

As lovers of maths we are thrilled that the class are so mathematical too! And who would have thought that boxing on Wednesdays would be the highlight of so many of the children’s week. What lucky children you are.

By the time this blog goes out, we would have had our first three children presenting their favourite book as part of reading circle. Good luck to you all!

Thank you Class 6 for such a good start to the year – long may it last.


The Year 6 Team

Greek myths, simnel cake and much more!

We have had an extremely busy term 4 in Year 6. In English, we have been studying Greek mythology, culminating in writing our own Greek myths, complete with heroes and monsters. We magpied beautiful literary language from the myth ‘A Shot in the Dark’ and used this, combined with our own stunning similes and metaphors, to re-write a different version of the story.

We are almost at the end of our maths journey! Our latest topics have included perimeter, area and volume and we will be finishing off the term with some challenging geometry.

As a build-up to the Easter celebration, Year 6 enjoyed learning about the significance of Simnel cake – it helped that we also got to sample it!

As a cohort, Year 6 are working hard to earn REAP points to spend in the summer term after SATs. Take a look at the picture of the Year 6 board showing all of the wonderful treats that the Year 6s can earn in return for their engagement and positive attitude every day.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter holiday from everyone in the Year 6 team.

Sumdog competition – Get playing!

Welcome Maths Enthusiasts. I have entered the whole school into a Sumdog competition against other schools.

All you need to do is log onto Sumdog with your usual username and password then enter the school code sjs3 to help us gain as many points as possible. The competition started today and ends next Friday 14th February at 8am.

How do you earn St John’s some points? Simply play! The more you play the more we earn.


Good Luck children!


Mrs Gillhouley