Monday 27th April 2020

Another lovely weekend outdoors, even though we have to stay home. It has been lovely to go for a walk and discover new places. I can’t believe we have lived in the same house for seven years and we are still finding new walking routes from our doorstep. Last week, we discovered a new path and a lovely, rustic old mill beside a weeping willow.

I do wonder if any of you were able to see Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites last week. Max B and his family did and said they saw 27. Mr Casewell and I counted 26. We used this app which helped us to locate them and it gave us the timings.

I had to share this gorgeous picture that Josh made out of Acer leaves, which seem to be the perfect shape for feathers. It is such a remarkable resemblance to the actual image used. fabulously creative! There are many more examples of all your hard work that we received over the weekend in our gallery, so make sure you keep checking that .

Oops!! I almost forgot to update you on the progress in my new salad bed. On Earth day we managed to get more compost, some seedlings and seeds delivered. So, this weekend we have been planting them, making trellises out of hazel sticks and creating labels. It will definitely need more work. But, we are off once again on our green-fingered growing journey!

We have had lots of wonderful feedback about how much you have been enjoying your learning at home and we have loved getting your emails. This week’s learning involves new learning in maths (equivalent fractions), a bit of research, a bit of music and PE! Lots of creativity required so we look forward to seeing how you choose to present your work. Enjoy it!

Thought for the day:     Make sure you make time for play and fun outside! Happy learning!

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36th day of spring

So today marks the 36th day of Spring, the 115th day of the year and the first full day of Ramadan. This year Ramadan will be different for lots of families as they cannot come together to celebrate like they would have done in previous years. Although I know lots of people will find other ways to celebrate with their families using technology.

The fact that we cannot see any of you either makes us a little sad however we have had lots of lovely emails and would like to celebrate some of the work you have been doing at home.

We have really enjoyed learning about the inspirational athletes you have chosen to write about. Some of them included Mo Salah, Andy Murray, Nadia Comăneci and Georgia Davies.

Then we had a lovely email from Ben with a little poem he had written.

It may only be a short poem but we really liked the fact that it rhymed. Hoping Ben is going to write some more poems telling us where he has taken his best friend to!

Sarah has been working really hard at home with her mum and aunty. She has drawn some amazing pictures to go with her writing however our highlight was the violin she made.

It must have taken her ages to cut out the right shape and then add all the extra little bits you require for the violin to play a note.

Finally we received some amazing news from Flo this week. Before lockdown started she entered the BBC Radio 2 500 words 2020 competition. This week she received this email:

This means Flo’s story has made it through to round two and she is waiting to hear whether she is in the final 50. Such brilliant news Flo, we are all really proud of you for getting that far.

Don’t forget to check out our new gallery where we are putting pictures of your work. Mrs Hollands will keep updating this throughout the week.

Hope you have a break this weekend and we look forward to receiving more emails next week.

20.4.20 I love a date like that!

Today we begin a whole new week of learning. It has been wonderful to have you email and share some of your best pieces with us. Mrs Hollands and I have really enjoyed this. In fact, she sent me a message to share with you here:

Over Easter Grace, myself and her dad have been planting some strawberry and blueberry plants in our garden. We did have to use Google to check we were planting them correctly and where the best place to plant them was. Grace has really enjoyed being able to spend time in the garden digging and helping to water the plants.

We cannot wait to taste some of our fruit that we have planted! I am now waiting for Miss Prendergast and her family to find me some vegetable plants to grow.
We are so glad you enjoyed being able to write a review about a game or movie. Bea, I really liked that you had written about Peter Rabbit, as Grace and I have enjoyed it nearly everyday this holiday! I especially like the Cockerel. It was also so nice to hear about some different games that weren’t Minecraft. I also liked reading about Mattie’s game which involved a pen, paper and some drawing (her favourite thing to do).
We have been lucky enough to receive some emails about the instruments you have made for Science. I received one email from someone who made a garden trumpet from a piece of old garden hose, the adapter and a funnel which helped to make the sound louder. He also  wrote about how you can change the pitch.  He found that the shorter the hosepipe; the higher the pitch. The longer the hosepipe; the lower the pitch. Mrs Casewell wonders if  anyone else found a similar pattern?
Sophia sent me this lovely rainbow inspired by Romero Britto. Perhaps a lot of you chose a rainbow as your piece of art work too? Perhaps whilst you have been out walking you have spotted it in a window?
So, you can all see how impressed we both are with the work you are doing every day with your parents. There are so many great pieces, we can’t share them all this week but please continue to share with us and we will aim add something of yours in future blogs.
You have another fun science investigation to look forward to this week. TOP TIP : Hold onto your plastic yogurt/soup pots or plastic/polystyrene or paper cups and perhaps start hunting for some string, twine or wool. In the meantime, check your emails for more fun learning opportunities.
Enjoy your learning this week. Remember to say the occasional thank you to your “new teachers”. We are extremely grateful for all of their support in helping you to learn at home.

A final thought:
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Back to school – Term 5 begins today

I hope that you and your families were able to enjoy the holiday time taking a break from home learning, enjoying some relaxing time together playing games, being creative and doing things you enjoy.

I certainly did many things that I enjoy: one of which is reading. I can’t quite believe how much I have totally indulged myself with reading time. Three days relaxing in glorious sunshine and three (YES 3) books ‘devoured’! Such a treat for me (perhaps a better treat even than chocolate) and you all know how much I LOVE chocolate! I wonder if you managed to read over the holidays too? Any recommendations for Mrs Casewell or Mrs Hollands?

Another enjoyable pastime for me is gardening. It has been wonderful to see how the garden is beginning to come into bloom. I am wondering if you might be able to help me with a new crazy project of mine. I would like to create a salad/vegetable bed in the courtyard. This is me measuring the space. I would like to create raised beds. These are my plans so far; Plan A and Plan B. Can you tell me the perimeter of the beds and work out the area I will have for planting in? I need to know how much wood I’ll need and maximise the planting area. This project is sure to keep me busy on the weekends. Hmmmmm , I wonder what I should grow?

I have been helping both Mr Casewell and Lauren with their projects. Lauren and I tried ‘marbling’ on fabric and to be honest it is not as effective as on paper. What do you think?


Mr Casewell needed to lead a challenge in a team meeting at work and asked me to be his “guinea pig”, making an origami dinosaur. I can definitely say that making an explosion book is WAY easier. After several attempts I managed to make this:

Do you know what type of dinosaur this is?

Inspired by all the other teachers and year 6 pupils, I baked a chocolate cake. In my house, cake doesn’t last long. Before I could take a picture of the masterpiece….. this is what I was left with. Oh well!

A resident on our road is adding to his garden display to cheer up and entertain people walking by. I took some photos. If you haven’t already, perhaps you and your family could do something similar? Do send me some pictures if you do this.

Out walking yesterday, I noticed the bluebells are in full bloom and make a glorious display and fill the air with their sweet aroma. Spotting some growing on a fallen tree trunk, I thought about their resilience and strength to determinedly grow in the most unexpected places.  This made me think of all of you and your individual determination to overcome difficulties; to challenge yourselves to improve and succeed, whether this is in learning, handwriting, being a better friend or focused, engaged learner in class. You are like bluebells! Remember this as we work together over the next term. Determined, resilient and with strength to work through difficult times. I do miss you all and hope that you have been able to see some bluebells on your walks. Next time, notice how they are growing even in unexpected places with determination and strength.

Back to home learning today, finishing off the last two days of week 2. I will be emailing daily to help you with your learning so make sure you check for these as there may be some top tips and helpful resources. Mrs Hollands and I are looking forward to seeing some of your amazing work (especially the musical instruments you are creating). Some examples may even be posted on our next blog, which as this is a short week, will be on Monday.

As you write your letter to someone today remember this:

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” Maya Angelou












Happy Easter

Good afternoon Year 4!

I hope you are all keeping well and managing to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine that has returned. Hope you have continued to enjoy the Joe Wicks workout. I really enjoyed the one on Tuesday with the music from George Ezra and Dua Lipa. Can’t believe George Ezra’s mum is a primary school teacher! 

For the last few days, Grace has been learning how to do some jobs around the house and she wanted me to share a few pictures. She has really enjoyed being able to learn how to wash up, however this has to be done wearing only a nappy as more water ends up on the floor than in the bowl!

Also, Grace has taken some inspiration from Year 4 at Carroty Wood and is now making her own sandwiches for lunch. 

Look who has moved in with Mrs Casewell to keep her company. She says the algae eater has grown incredibly and we have a new a baby fish too.

I was lucky enough this week to set you a task on Purple Mash for when you resume your home learning after Easter – I really hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing your work.

Please do all enjoy a time of no work now until the 16th April, when your home learning timetable begins again on the Thursday. Do try and play outside in this lovely weather, explore the local area and use some of the new skills you learnt at Carroty Wood to help others around the house. 

Here are a few messages from other people in Year 4 who are missing you:

‘Hi Year 4. How are you all? I hope you are managing to keep fit and well in these strange times. Have you been able to head outside for some exercise and enjoy the natural world around you? Have you noticed anything you’ve not seen before while out? My family and I have been doing PE with Joe Wicks each morning and then later going for a walk with our border terrier George. I also you you’re getting on with your home learning packs ok and are enjoying the variety of work included.I miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon. Stay safe. Love Miss Reynolds xx’

‘Hi Year 4. Really missing seeing you. I do hope you are managing to keep safe and well at this strange time. Please make sure you keep smiling through everything. Love Mrs Williams’

‘Hello Year 4, I hope you are all managing to complete some work from home, miss seeing you on a Monday morning. Lots of love Mrs Foss.’

‘Hi Year 4, I really hope you are still managing to do some arty things while your staying safe at home? I look forward to hearing about some of the things you have been getting up to over the last few weeks. Stay safe. Ms Bennett.’

‘Hello Year 4, Wishing you a happy Easter holidays. I’m sure you’re all discovering new authors, new games, new hobbies and new ways to help around the house. I am looking forward to hearing all the smart ways you’ve been keeping yourselves entertained. Keep being kind to yourself and all those around you. See you soon, Love Mrs GQ x’

Finally a little message from everyone in Year 4

Year 4 Team signing out until 16th April. Hope you have a lovely Easter and you manage to enjoy some yummy chocolate.  

PS below are the answers for the home learning pack sent home.

Download (PDF, 365KB)

MONDAY 30th March

Good Morning lovely year 4,

Look at these lovely flowers! These are the flowers you gave me after Carroty Wood. They lasted two weeks but sadly, over the weekend I had to put them on the compost. However, the photo and the lovely cards and messages I will keep. I was just sitting having a cup of coffee and looking at the Carroty Wood  pictures thinking to myself how fortunate we were to have been able to spend that time together having fun before  this all started. I wonder if you have good memories too?

My highlight this weekend was being able to spend a lot of time reading. So Jamie, I have eventually finished the book you lent me, ‘The Train to Impossible Places’, which I highly recommend if you like a bit of fun, exciting adventure and magic, Year 4! (Barney recommends it too and as you can see, he looks a bit sad that it is now finished!). He would love to hear your suggestions about what we could read next.

Talking about books, I am very disappointed not to be able to continue to read Varjak Paw together, so if you are able to get hold of a copy somehow, DO read it yourself or with your parents. It is full of adventure, hope, determination and strength of spirit.Read it and the next (The Outlaw Varjak Paw) – I know you will LOVE them both!

Well done for completing your first week of  home learning. As Mrs Hollands said, I have enjoyed reading your work about Alfred (if you chose to complete it on Purple Mash).  Also, I have checked TT Rockstars and you are all doing amazingly well. We are turning more of our heatmap green now! Let’s see if  by the end of Easter we can have it at least 50% bright green. We have a new Rockstar too! Lauren, you have increased your speed so you are at the top of the leader board now! Keep up the practise everyone. We have a challenge on our hands!  Go for GREEN!!!

I le

I learnt how to do marbling this weekend whilst helping my daughter with her A Level art project.These are supposed to have a water effect. Have we succeeded do you think? It is so therapeutic and such fun that we ended up using loads of paper to make all sorts of designs: great for bookmarks and Easter gift cards! Learning new things: one of the five ways of Well-being. What new skills could you learn?

Good luck with your learning this week and enjoy it. I look forward to seeing the artwork you create as well as the instrument you design. Perhaps there will be an opportunity to all play together in an orchestra using the technology we have? Here are some websites to help you this week:



A BIT OF FUN:  These are the Alpaca at the bottom of our field. I wonder what they are thinking? Can you write a caption or thought bubbles? Post your ideas in the comment box below.

A FINAL THOUGHT: “In life, there is no such thing as impossible; it is always possible” Venus Williams .When reading Varjak Paw, look out for a similar inspirational quote by Jalal and let me know when you have.

Remember through this week, continue to be busy, helpful and kind to each other.





Friday 27h March

Good Afternoon to you all,

It feels odd to have not seen any of you this week, not even for PE! I really hope lots of you have been able to join in with the Joe Wicks work out? I have been doing it everyday at home sometimes with Grace, other times she just sits, watches and cheers me on.

Grace and I have learnt how to make mug cakes, using a recipes from her Nonna, this week as a little treat. Let me know if you want us to share some of the best recipes we have made. This week I have learnt how to regrip the hockey sticks and tennis racquets ready for when we go back.

Mrs Casewell has been enjoying walks with Barney everyday after work.

Hopefully you have all managed to access Purple Mash and MyMaths successfully and if you haven’t had time do not worry there is always next week. I know many of you have really enjoyed researching Alfred the Great. The posters look amazing with lots of brilliant information.

Enough about the work, I really hope all of you are managing to get outside for your exercise and spending time in the sun. I know some of you will be finding it tricky getting to grips with learning at home and not being able to see many of your friends, but just remember this will not be forever.

Year 4 Team

Monday 23rd March

Good Morning to you all,

It feels very strange to wake up and not be dashing to school. Equally unusual for us to wake up to glorious sunshine three days in a row! I hope that you had a lovely weekend and you treated your mums to a special day at home and that they liked your cards, which I believe were beautifully crafted last week – thank you Mrs Hollands for taking this on. There are signs of spring all around which I have particularly taken great pleasure and comfort in noticing this weekend. Why don’t you try spend time noticing signs of spring one day this week too?

I know that for some of us the days will feel long, and there may be times when we feel bored which is why we have put together some learning tasks and fun Stem challenges for you. I look forward to hearing about what you have been doing. You can add anything in your Home Learning Book: stories, diary entries, pictures, research etc. Anything!

Now, we are very fortunate to have technology so that we can feel more connected. In PurpleMash, some of you have already found the 2Email function and I have loved receiving messages. For those that haven’t, Flo and Sophia have helped put together some simple instructions. Here they are: Log on to your PurpleMash account and click Computing. Look for 2Email. Click that and you will see a page for emailing and at the top is a box that says Address Book. Click that and using the down arrow choose the person in class you want to email (If you click Staff you can even email Mrs Casewell and Mrs Hollands). If you double click the person’s name on the side of the page you will see a message saying email (person’s name). Type your message and then click send.

We hope that this will help you to stay in touch with your friends and us. Remember to be kind, write helpful things and report anything if you think it is inappropriate. Later today, you may get an email from King Alfred to help with your home learning task, so look out for that.

Lastly, something for you to think about this week:

‘Don’t let what you can’t do, stop you from doing what you can do.’

Remember, reading takes you places even when you can’t go there yourself. So, we hope you will take this time to read lots, investigate curiously, bake, make and learn together and most importantly stay safe and have fun.

Year 4 Team






Carroty Wood Capers 2020

Happy Campers return from Carroty Wood exhausted, exhilarated and triumphant (and EXTREMELY MUDDY!!)

On Tuesday we arrived and excitedly headed to the sports hall where we played multi-skills games, Zombies vs Humans, Tunnel ball  and did a Skipathon. It was not long before lunchtime (time seems to fly by at Carroty Wood). Vikings headed to Archery and Romans rampaged to the High Ropes.  Archery was challenging as many children had never held a bow and arrow before. It was amazing to see the progress made from their first attempt to their last. Each time improving their aim and points until the leaders made the scores “Topsy Turvy in which bulls-eyes were worth  minus 2000 and the outer white ring became +5000. We wished it was the first game we played as we would have scored so well, however with improving aim we found ourselves getting more negative numbers.  Mrs Casewell was pleased when we hit nearer the middle, even if it was worth negative points!

High Ropes presented the children with challenges that would require courage, faith, perseverance and determination. Each child was encouraged to push themselves a little bit further than their comfort zone and many children achieved more than they ever thought was possible, driven on by team encouragement, determination and desire to succeed.

We then headed to the Maze and the Low Ropes where once again team work was the focus and saw children really shining out as natural leaders and/ or supportive friends, making sure that everyone was able to succeed. MUD MUD MUD!!!

As dusk fell, very muddy and hungry children headed to Hornbeam Lodge where they then faced the arduous task of making a bed  (proving even more challenging for some than high ropes) . Ben C was awarded the “Champion bed maker award”.

Pizzas arrived and were soon devoured. Games were played quietly with our friends, a bedtime story was heard along with deliciously comforting hot chocolate, finished off with some sleep mindfulness and it was off to bed and lights out by 9.15pm.

An early start saw the children enjoying a large healthy breakfast, having room inspections and making their own packed lunches.  After a class photograph and a team Scavenger Hunt  we were led in a quiet, reflective Explore session thinking about how unique and different we all are, and that no matter what, we are special to God. The children impressed Dan, Carroty Wood leader, with their  knowledge as they were able to recall our Bible verse of the year,  “For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you , because I am fearfully and wonderfully made….” Psalm 139 v 13- 14 and our school motto,

All different, all equal, all learning together in God’s world.”

We are all different and we are all unique. We are all truly special. Mrs Casewell and all the adults who supported us on the trip are so proud of each and every one of you: for your spirit, determination and kindness towards each other.

I’d like to say an enormous thank you to all the teaching, and support staff as well as parent volunteers for their help and support. It would not be possible without you. I am truly grateful to you all for making my job that little but easier. Early to bed for you all.






Liquid Nitrogen Science Show

Sevenoaks School Science teacher, James Tate, took to the stage as part of their STEM week to  share his  knowledge of liquid nitrogen with primary school pupils. Perfect for year 4 who have learned about different states of matter, the learning embedded what they had already learnt and contributed more to deepen their understanding of gases and the different states Nitrogen can take. Fascinating facts and we loved all the demonstrations.   Who knew you could change light with the use of nitrogen!  Thank you Sevenoaks School for inviting us . As always a fantastic learning opportunity!

 “I never knew nitrogen is 78% of the air.”

 “It was amazing when he put a rose in the liquid nitrogen it froze and then was incredibly brittle wand broke when he flicked it.” Arthur

“I really liked it when he made the bottle filled with nitrogen explode in a tub of ping pong balls.  The nitrogen wants to escape and take up more space.” Elizabete

“My favourite was when he put the Blu-tak in the nitrogen and it went hard and then he used a banana (also frozen in the nitrogen) to hammer it into the wood.”  Oliver

“I was impressed how he turned a bouncy ball into a marble using only nitrogen” Josh

“When he put the balloon in the nitrogen I didn’t know it would become small and shrink, and then when he took it out it expanded to its original size as the gas warmed up.” Sarah

“I was surprised how many investigations you could do with the nitrogen. “ Tommy

 “I was really surprised how you can use nitrogen to allow a filament to shine.” Jamie

“It was really exciting and we learnt lots.” Flo

“I learnt that the different colours that we see is because of the speed the light moves up and down. I thought it was amazing.” Felix

“I was amazed how he poured it on the floor and it disappeared –   that’s because it evaporates so quickly.”  Maxwell

“I liked how he popped the Pringles can lids with the use of nitrogen. “ Lenny