End of the First week of the Last term

Half term week sped by so fast, didn’t it? Hopefully, you recharged your batteries and are now into the swing of things again establishing those important routines at home.

Over the week, I spent lots of time in the garden and I am so surprised by the developments in my new salad bed. We have already harvested some radishes and managed to make a leafy salad with what we have grown. I don’t know why, but somehow home grown and home baked foods are so much tastier than shop bought. Perhaps it is the love, care and attention that has gone into preparing them? What do you think?

Barney, who you will no doubt hear in the background on my narrated slides, had a haircut at the grooming parlour. He is now feeling much happier in himself without his thick, winter coat. However, now that he is clean, he thinks it’s acceptable for him to sit in Mr Casewell’s armchair. He is such a naughty boy!

I do wonder when humans may be treated to a trip to have their hair cut. Hmmmm….









As always we are delighted when we hear from you and see your amazing learning or news about life at home. These are a few examples from this week and the rest will be in the gallery.

Jamie sent a very detailed report of his investigation into the Mystery of Empty Grave at Sutton Hoo . This can be viewed in the gallery. I wonder how many of you managed to do some super sleuthing and solve the mystery. Who was buried at Sutton Hoo?

This is Scarlett’s Spanish menu. Did anyone else have a go at practising some Spanish this week?

Ashton and Zachary have created new characters for their wishing tale. They are writing about King Fang, King of the Dragons and King Antenie, King of the Aliens. I wonder what their main character will wish for. Remember to send your wishing tales to us as we’d love to read them.


A little update from the Hollands’ household:

This week, Grace was able to go back to nursery, which she really enjoyed! On Wednesday, we were able to eat some of the lettuce that Grace and her dad have grown in the garden.We made steak, lettuce and tomato sandwiches! Hopefully soon there will be some runner beans and peppers for us to enjoy. For the next blog, hopefully I will remember to take pictures of our fruit and vegetables before we eat them!

I have been in school this week with some of the Year 1 children in the Tiger Pod. It was lovely to be back, but not the same without Year 4 being there 🙁

Keep working hard Year 4 and stay positive

Love from the Year 4 team

A final thought for the week: In life, it often feels like we rush from one thing to the next. Be it in completing home learning tasks and ticking them off daily, or work or doing chores. Perhaps we often don’t appreciate the process and only think of the end product in our haste to get things done. I saw this and it made me stop and think..

We need to keep reminding ourselves to cherish every moment as “Time is like a river”. Cherish your time together over the weekend, especially if you are seeing friends and family for a socially distanced picnic or walk.  Be kind and stay safe.






223 days left in 2020

22nd May marks the 142nd day in the Gregorian calendar and today marks the last day of this term. Next week, is officially half term which means you have the week off! Yay!

You have all done amazingly well with all the learning this half term. We have been blown away by the amount you have done and the amazing standard of work you are sending us. Remember, the gallery does get updated everyday with new bits of work. These are some of the stand out bits we had sent to us this week:

Scarlett made a model of a rainforest habitat and described a food chain in it. The grasshopper eats the grass, the birds eat the grasshopper, the snake eats the birds and finally the owls eat the snakes.

One of your fellow classmates made some Anglo Saxon oatcakes. I am sure he will share the recipe if you want to try making them. They do look yummy!

The last piece of work we liked this week came from Ashton and Zachary. They made their own food chains.

I really hope that over half term you manage to relax and forget all about school work for a week. On Tuesday, I did a PE course, from my sofa, and they shared some amazing activities they have put together for everyone to try at home. So, if you fancy something different over half term follow the link below:


Some will require some adult help, some the adults might want to join in with and some you can have a go at on your own. Remember do send us some pictures so everyone else can see what you have been up to!

Final thought before half term:

Have a lovely week off.

Love the entire Year 4 team!

“What day is it today?” asked Pooh.

“It’s today!” squeaked Piglet.

“My favourite day,” said Pooh.

What a wonderful positive outlook on life A.A. Milne created in Winnie the Pooh. I would love to have this view, however I can’t help but be relieved and excited when we get to Friday! Friday is the day we celebrate all that we achieved in the days that have passed. It is the day we can pat ourselves on the back and say “Well done!”( Make sure you give yourselves a pat on the back or a high 5 now !). Friday is the start of the weekend when we can relax and enjoy time together and make stories to tell in the week ahead.

We have much to celebrate at the end of this week. We have children making phenomenal progress in their individual times tables scores and you will see how much we have transformed our heatmap as a class : it is far less red now! Congratulations all of you who are working hard in helping to achieve this.

We have this amazing work to celebrate too. Most of it is in the newly revamped gallery.

This is Ben C’s Anglo Saxon village.

Tommy’s Anglo Saxon village.

Felix’s word search he has made for everyone.

Finally this amazing Anglo Saxon village from Josh (there is another picture on the gallery).

I do hope you have managed to read Mrs Grimble’s  English blog about reading. There is so much useful information and a challenge for the children. Please email Mrs Grimble (sgrimble@stjohnssevenoaks.co.uk) with book reviews you have written and she’d love to see photos of you reading in your most unusual or cosy places. Equally, if you have read any new releases we’d love to hear about them. Title your email BOOKS!

A final quote for the week to celebrate the gift, wonder and joy of books and reading :

This is from A.A. Milne’s, Winnie the Pooh again and it is beautifully illustrated by Lauren:

“If there is ever a day when we’re not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is even if we are apart, I’ll always be with you.”






Princess Elizabeth leaves the Palace

On 8th May 1945, at 3pm, Winston Churchill announced the war in Europe had come to an end following Germany’s surrender.

Today marks the day we should have been having big street parties and celebrations with many within villages and towns like they did in 1945. However, as things are slightly different at the moment many parties have been cancelled and villages cannot get together to celebrate we are having to find different ways to celebrate. Within my street, we are all having little parties in our front gardens with the people we live with so we can still celebrate but keep our distance.

In 1945, there were huge crowds celebrating in the streets, dressed in red, white and blue, outside Buckingham Palace. The Royal Family came out onto the balcony to greet everybody and watch the celebrations. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were allowed to leave the Palace to celebrate with crowds outside, although they had to do it secretly. Princess Elizabeth describes it as “one of the most memorable nights of her life”.

VE day does not mark the end of World War II. It signalled the end of our war with Europe however we were still at war with Japan, as they were yet to surrender.

Mrs Quirk sent round a few activities you could complete either today or during the week just gone. Here are pictures of you preparing for the day.

Mrs Hana has put some music on her blog from 1940, definitely worth looking at.

This week I have really enjoyed receiving emails from you all with your amazing work. The gallery is up to date as of this morning so hopefully you will find a piece of your work on there.

Here is a message from the Casewell household:

We have had a busy week and last weekend seems ages a go, but I thought I’d share some of what the Casewell family has been up to. We have made dens, increasingly larger and more refined each time. Ben invited me in the den and it was so comfortable and cosy, I must be honest and admit, I  nodded off for 20 minutes ( power nap).

We’ve also done a spot of Sunday afternoon boredom busting painting by beginning to transform all the old, grey garden statues. This is the first; a crazy fox that now lives beneath the roses.

Over the week, I have spotted more and more butterflies. Have you? This reminded me of Mrs Canniford’s lovely farewell message on her blog last week. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you should. Reception’s butterflies have all emerged and flown off to begin their new adventures whilst Miss Reynolds still awaits the emergence of hers as Painted Ladies.

So far,at ours we have spotted Orange Tips, Holly Blues, Peacocks (my favourite) and  our first Painted Lady. If you are interested in identifying some yourselves, this is a helpful website: https://butterfly-conservation.org/butterflies/identify-a-butterfly?page=1

As I watch the butterflies I am reminded of their miraculous transformation and despite everything happening around them they manage to succeed.  It fills me with hope at this time too. 

Here is a thought for you for the week ahead. Enjoy your VE DAY celebrations and appreciate the beauty, blessings and goodness around you. 


Another Olympics cancelled

On the 1st May 1940 it was announced that the Summer Olympics on Helsinki would be cancelled because of World War 2. It was also on this day in 1931 that the Empire State Building opened in New York. Finally, this time last year Lionel Messi scored his 600th goal for Barcelona in a win over Liverpool.

This week we have really enjoyed reading all of the lovely emails both you and your parents have been sending us. Some of the highlights have been:

Mattie’s amazing artwork. Can you see the hidden teddy?

Freya’s amazing fact file about Dua Lipa. I love the way she has folded the paper so there is a front cover and then all of her information is included inside.

Sophia sent us a brilliant quiz all about JK Rowling that I really hope she will bring into school, when we are back, so we can test our knowledge.

Finally there is a video from one of your class mates about whether animals should be kept in zoos or not.


Hope you have all enjoyed your Friday afternoon treat of some PE!

We are really looking forward to receiving lots of emails next week with all your hard work.




Monday 27th April 2020

Another lovely weekend outdoors, even though we have to stay home. It has been lovely to go for a walk and discover new places. I can’t believe we have lived in the same house for seven years and we are still finding new walking routes from our doorstep. Last week, we discovered a new path and a lovely, rustic old mill beside a weeping willow.

I do wonder if any of you were able to see Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites last week. Max B and his family did and said they saw 27. Mr Casewell and I counted 26. We used this app which helped us to locate them and it gave us the timings.

I had to share this gorgeous picture that Josh made out of Acer leaves, which seem to be the perfect shape for feathers. It is such a remarkable resemblance to the actual image used. fabulously creative! There are many more examples of all your hard work that we received over the weekend in our gallery, so make sure you keep checking that .

Oops!! I almost forgot to update you on the progress in my new salad bed. On Earth day we managed to get more compost, some seedlings and seeds delivered. So, this weekend we have been planting them, making trellises out of hazel sticks and creating labels. It will definitely need more work. But, we are off once again on our green-fingered growing journey!

We have had lots of wonderful feedback about how much you have been enjoying your learning at home and we have loved getting your emails. This week’s learning involves new learning in maths (equivalent fractions), a bit of research, a bit of music and PE! Lots of creativity required so we look forward to seeing how you choose to present your work. Enjoy it!

Thought for the day:     Make sure you make time for play and fun outside! Happy learning!

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36th day of spring

So today marks the 36th day of Spring, the 115th day of the year and the first full day of Ramadan. This year Ramadan will be different for lots of families as they cannot come together to celebrate like they would have done in previous years. Although I know lots of people will find other ways to celebrate with their families using technology.

The fact that we cannot see any of you either makes us a little sad however we have had lots of lovely emails and would like to celebrate some of the work you have been doing at home.

We have really enjoyed learning about the inspirational athletes you have chosen to write about. Some of them included Mo Salah, Andy Murray, Nadia Comăneci and Georgia Davies.

Then we had a lovely email from Ben with a little poem he had written.

It may only be a short poem but we really liked the fact that it rhymed. Hoping Ben is going to write some more poems telling us where he has taken his best friend to!

Sarah has been working really hard at home with her mum and aunty. She has drawn some amazing pictures to go with her writing however our highlight was the violin she made.

It must have taken her ages to cut out the right shape and then add all the extra little bits you require for the violin to play a note.

Finally we received some amazing news from Flo this week. Before lockdown started she entered the BBC Radio 2 500 words 2020 competition. This week she received this email: