Stone Age Day!

What a fun day had by all! Firstly, thank you for your efforts, as all of the children came in looking simply sensational in their Stone Age attire! We had furs, animal skins, even bows and arrows before the day had even begun! Very quickly, Year 3 became accustomed to our new learning environment- being that of a cave. Of course, we had to adorn the walls with our authentic oil pastel and charcoal drawings, before warming ourselves by the roaring fire in the classroom. Our activities across the day included: cave painting, code-breaking, clapping Stone Age rhythms, pebble-decorating, creating individual clay coil pots and writing our own diary entries in character on clipboards inside our class cave. Life is non-stop for our tribe in Year 3!


Recorder music and recordings

The music for you to practise on your recorder this week.


Download (PDF, 9.41MB)

Friday 5th June

We reached desperate times this week with my partner and I giving one another lockdown-haircuts! I could pretend that we educated ourselves beforehand by watching online tutorials or seeking the advice of friends who might be a little better equipped in this department but no! We decided to be more spontaneous and just went for it! Whilst it was initially quite a fun and even thrilling experience, feeling all-powerful! These feelings of excitement were quickly replaced with fear and even dread at viewing the final results in the mirror!

A little shorter than both of us expected and I think in all honesty we both should have done a bit more research before wielding the scissors! However, all in all, a novel experience and nice to get rid of a chunk of matted mess on my head! Let’s hope I can get a proper haircut soon to rectify the mistakes made! Not so bad though Year 3, you know me well enough to know that I often tie it back anyway and thankfully I can still do that!

Other tasks we dived into this week included cooking our own crispy onions to add to a potato salad we had made. Isla was a great help, wanting to get stuck in straight away with rolling the chopped onion pieces in egg and sprinkling on flour. A huge mess all round but nothing that couldn’t be mopped up with a bit of elbow-grease! I’m pleased to say that this addition to the dish made for a lovely lunch, even though Isla didn’t try even a morsel. One day…!

This week you have been as busy as ever, producing some outstanding work. Here’s a small sample to enjoy glancing through:

Erin’s Pollination Comic Strip

Alex’s Photosynthesis Poster

Reece’s labelling of a flower

Sadie’s Persuasive Garden Centre Leaflet

Maddie’s Persuasive Garden Centre Leaflet


Remember our next Zoom-catch up will be next Thursday at the new time of 2:30PM. We thought it might be a nice opportunity for you to bring along a book that you have read which you can then recommend to your friends? This might be a good chance to explore some new authors and genres. Not obligatory though, we hope to see you there if you are able to make it!

Enjoy a lovely weekend with your families. Love to you all!

Friday 22nd May

Well done to you all for successfully completing a whole term of home-learning. It’s been a challenge, but I am blown away by all of your efforts, parents included. We sincerely hope that you can enjoy a much-deserved break over this upcoming half-term and let’s hope the sunshine sticks around a while longer. Fingers crossed.

Unlike much of the staff at St John’s, my gardening skills are distinctly lacking. However my partner and I have decided to tackle the front garden. Whilst he endeavours to create a bin shed for our recycling, Isla and I are slowly but surely moving shale from our neighbours’ garden to our own. Don’t worry – we did ask first! They want to get rid of theirs, and rather than buying new, we thought we would instead sieve out the odd loose nail, rotten leaves and tiny snail shells, before moving the remaining shale one sieve-load at a time. You might be thinking that I’ve lost the plot, and Year 3, it’s very possible that I have! However, it is this sort of monotonous, mundane activity that keeps Isla amused and busy, we also get to have a little wave and ‘social-distanced’ chat with neighbours living on our street, so it does tick a lot of boxes!

We are also growing sunflowers on the steps to our front door, they seems to get a lot of sunlight there. I am very excited to report that they are growing well and looking healthy! Long may this continue! I wish in hindsight that we each had our own designated sunflowers to be responsible for, for a little harmless competition. Lawrence and Ruby-Mae, I remember you  mentioned that you were growing plants too? Remember to send through photographs when possible, we would love to see in our Year 3 gallery! Of course, all of you are very welcome to send through any green-fingered photos that you would like to share!

Your work this week, as with every week, has been brilliant Year 3. Some of you have also decided to send us videos, explaining your learning in more detail which has been lovely to watch. Below I attach a small sample of the learning we have received.

Tallulah’s fabulous superhero story and Harley’s excellent column addition practice:

As much as possible, we wish you a happy break in the coming week and ‘see’ you again soon.


All our love,


The Year 3 team.

Friday 15th May

Thank you to all of you who joined us in the Year 3 Zoom catch-up yesterday! It was genuinely so lovely to see you all and to hear from you individually as to how you’ve been getting on. We are blown away by the work you have been producing and equally by the mature way in which you all hold yourselves: upbeat, patient and understanding. Of course, there will be times when you do not feel this way and I can’t tell you enough, Year 3, how normal it is to feel ‘a bit off’ at times. It is a lovely feeling though to just touch base with one another as we did today to keep in touch and be reminded that your friends are going through the same things, we are all very much in this boat together. Please keep being kind to yourselves and to one another. Let’s just take a moment to marvel at some more of your outstanding work, Year 3. If you haven’t spotted your work in today’s blog, please do view the latest uploads in the Year 3 gallery.

Shea’s photosynthesis poster

Maya’s Van Gogh painting, ‘Starry Night’

Ancient Egyptian dress-up

I think these examples of learning beautifully illustrate how creative you all are. I am so pleased that you are spending time enjoying these other subjects (science, art and topic), alongside the maths and english. I do hope that your fridge, cupboard doors, and any other potential ‘display’ backgrounds are adorned with your fabulous work!

Much love,

The Year 3 team.

Friday 8th May

Well another week has flashed by and here we are again, celebrating the arrival of Friday and a long weekend.

Some people are very fortunate to be going camping at home, what fun!



I wonder if you know what this picture may be about. When do you think it was taken and why?


Today marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) and many celebrations that were planned throughout the country have had to be cancelled, due to the Coronavirus.

However, I’ve heard of people coming up with innovative ideas to celebrate in their own homes, across garden fences and virtually!  So maybe you’ve baked cakes, practised songs, coloured in bunting and are dressed in red, white and blue?  Mrs Hanna has put some WW2 songs on her blog, if you’d like to have a sing-a–long. Do send some photos and we can put them in our gallery.

Along with all the hard work, writing stories, practising spellings, grammar work and maths you’ve all had time to be creative too.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the video clips and seeing all the photos of the artistic and inventive things you’ve been up to!

Labelling plants and using them to make green paint, football challenges…………

Making balloon art kits ,

Science experiments and cooking.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate Sadie on writing a fabulous story, full of adventure and action.Go to the gallery to read it.


Have a good weekend everyone, stay safe and well and we wish Freddie and Holly a very Happy Birthday and we look forward to opening our birthday box very soon.

Friday 1st May

Can you remember Mrs Clark’s blog (20th April) where she posted a little clue for you… well, I am pleased to say that there is a new addition to the Barber family! Hello, Jet! Isn’t it lovely to share and hear some happy news!? I wonder how many of you guessed correctly…

I have to say that all of the work you have been sending in has been such a pleasure to read and see. I hope you’ve all been managing to view and celebrate one another’s achievements by glancing through the Year 3 gallery? If you haven’t yet done so, drop by and have a little look. Below is one example of some fantastic maths work. Erbi has been working incredibly hard on his number bonds to 20 and look at his clever use of number bugs. Very well done!

Cast your minds back to Week Two of your timetables if you will, where you were asked to copy the picture of a famous artist. Well, I thought I’d have a go at this myself, Year 3. Before home-learning set in and we all adjusted to this ‘new normal’, I enjoyed a meeting with friends one evening where we all sat in the basement of a bijou art-shop, nibbling our way politely through a selection of crisps and an assortment of cheese, olives and other small ‘fancies’. The main focus wasn’t the food however, but painting! We were given a blank canvas and a lovely eccentric lady came round topping our make-shift palettes up with extra paint when needed. It was a lovely atmosphere and fun to do something so different to break up my regular daily routine. Not being able to go out, I tried to recreate the same experience at home. If you look carefully at the photograph, you might spot the empty chocolate wrapper…

As for the painting, there is still more to do before I am finished, but I’m enjoying taking my time over it and anyway, what’s the rush?

Whenever I do finish my copy of Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ I shall be sure to let you know!

Wishing you all a happy weekend.


Happy Monday to ‘Ewe!’

Good morning Year 3

Is it just me, or does Monday seem to come round very quickly indeed? I do hope you were able to make the most of the sunshine at the weekend, as I fear rain is on its way, later in the week. The plants in the garden will be pleased to have a drink and the smell of rainfall on the earth is heavenly, so do poke your nose out of the window and breathe deeply!

Miss Prendergast, Mrs Simpson and I have been delighted to receive so many wonderful pieces of work, photos and video clips. Well done for completing your work so diligently, we know it isn’t always easy to get round to it at home. Keep watching out for your work on the Year 3 Gallery on the website. Here are a couple of pieces, one from Maddie showing us her beautiful handwriting and another from Reece, a fantastic newspaper report about Harry Kane.

I was fortunate to enjoy a long walk with my family this weekend and we came across a field full of ewes with their lambs. Quickly, we put Pepper on her lead and walked cautiously through the field. It was such a joy to watch the little lambs gambolling and frolicking in the sunshine.

It made me think of all the expressions that we use containing sheep and lambs. I began to wonder if you’d heard of any and whether you know their meanings and where these sayings have come from? Perhaps you could ask your mum and dad and find out together?

  1. To separate the sheep from the goats
  2. Like a lamb to the slaughter
  3. Two shakes of a lamb’s tail
  4. John the Baptist (who our school is named after) said, when he saw Jesus coming ‘Here comes the lamb of God’ I wonder what he meant?

Do let me know what you find out!

Have a good week of learning Year 3.

With love

The Year 3 Team


We finally taught Pepper to put on her sun glasses!

Check her out on the link below.

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Friday 24th April

Good afternoon Year 3,

Hope you are all well. Another busy week of learning, well done everybody! I wonder if, like me, you have struggled with the libraries being closed? Isla and I have been sharing the same books on an endless cycle. I am the FIRST to love reading a story mutliple times, as you can notice things you hadn’t spotted the first few times (in the text and illustrations); you can start to learn the story by rote (it’s so heart-warming when my daughter tries to chime in with the rhyming words at the end of a verse) and you can settle into the rhythm of the book much more easily. HOWEVER, there is such a thing as TOO MANY TIMES, and it reached a stage earlier this week where enough was enough. I took control of the situation, checked with the person who pays the bills (me!) and ordered a new stash of reading material to devour. The photograph below shows my spoils!

I wonder how many of these you have at home or how many you have read before? I have to admit that my new collection is rather heavy on Julia Donaldson, but as former children’s laureate I felt I couldn’t really go wrong in buying more of her books.

I took a chance on a new book, ‘The Night Box’ which had few reviews, but Oh My Goodness, what a find! Easily one of my new favourites, the story language and description is incredible. Not to worry, the second we are back at school I will treat you to this story. We will drop the blinds down, get the cushions out, you can sit wherever you like (within reason!) and we might even put a poster on the classroom door to say ‘Please Do Not Disturb’.

Without sounding too sentimental, I do miss storytime with you, Year 3!

The emails I have been receiving show me just how hard you have been working, on all of your subjects! I have selected just a couple of examples for this blog, but please do have a glance through the Year 3 Gallery on the school website to gain more insight into what all of your friends have been up to.

Below shows Indi’s fabulous science-work: labelling, sorting and classifying. Well done!

Here is Joseph’s work where he has presented a simply stunning newspaper report of Derek Redmond’s sporting achievement.

Keep up the amazing work all of you, but importantly, enjoy a well-deserved break over the weekend.


Many apologies………this very important picture was missing from my previous blog!

You will need it to solve the riddle?