Getting cosy with our learning!

Friday 6th November was a cosy kind of day in Year 2…what fun it was to wear our Pyjamas and slippers to school!

We started the day with story reading, accompanied by some furry friends and gentle music. It set us up well for a busy day of learning through stories.

Every lesson on Friday started with a story-time. Everyone had a turn to snuggle up on the carpet with blankets, cushions and teddies as they listened to and enjoyed our books. I don’t think anyone fell asleep but a few looked very relaxed!

Each of our stories helped with our lessons too. For our spelling lesson, our new spellings all related to a fox story. Our words were: floor, door, paw, yawn, launch, autumn, more, explore, born, thorn. The words worked cleverly together to make a story!

In maths, we read a book called ‘100 Shoes’. We learnt that centipedes actually have 42 legs an so he had 58 shoes too many. We explored number problems involving shoes, the children all worked very hard!

The afternoon was spent creating our own stories. We learnt how to brainstorm ideas and then chose our favourite ideas to put into a story. The children loved reading out parts of their stories and sharing ideas. We are still illustrating our books and look forward to when we can have opportunity to read each others books.

We love reading in Year 2 and our Pyjamas and Story Day was a fabulous celebration of that fact!



Friday 5th June

Hello everyone, it’s the end of the first week of term 6! I have to say, it has been rather a novel week for me, I have been in Reception class where I have played outside, done phonics and  learnt about spiders! I feel rather privileged to know what two year groups are up to. Wherever you have been doing your learning this week, I hope that you have enjoyed getting back in the swing after a week off.

Even though I have been physically with our younger pupils, my wonderful year 2 have never been far from my mind. I always enjoy receiving your emails and photos and it is reassuring to hear about activities that have been successful and enjoyable.

This week we had a fruity theme and one task which many of you completed exceptionally well was to write an alliterative, fruit poem. have a look at these excellent pieces of work:

Finished alliterative poem by Seb!

Such a perfect poem, Violet.

Cash’s fabulous fruity poem.

Sam’s poem is full of alliteration.

Hannah’s finished masterpiece!

Another mouthwatering task was to make a fruity animal, these are simply brilliant:

Sssssssweet sssssnake sssssnack!

Next week we are thinking about what it is like to be a child living in Kenya and to learn a few words of Swahili too.

So in the words of Timon and Pumbaa…The Lion King: What does the phrase 'Hakuna matata' actually mean ...

I believe it means ‘no worries’ which is a sentiment that we are all working towards at the moment with our learning. Whether you are working hard at home or in school, you can only do your best and that is most certainly good enough.

Best wishes,

Mrs Temp


Setting a good example

I have to admit that this week, after many weeks of being motivated, creative and busy, I have found this week a struggle. Maybe it is the end of term and my brain saying, ‘enough, you need a break’ I am not sure.However my reading, sewing and baking has dried up somewhat and my mojo seems to need a little recharge.

Maybe I need a new project or challenge? I have two rolls of wallpaper for my bedroom that have been waiting months to be put up and my garden is tidy (thanks to a helpful husband) yet flowerless. Perhaps I should divert some efforts next week to some of these projects. Often all we need to bring us out of a slump is to try something new, learn a new skill, take on a challenge.

My class send me lovely pictures of their finished work but it is the  pictures of them actually doing it that makes me smile. Look at these pictures of busy-ness; heads down, looks of concentration and hours whiled away:

Money maths.

Making a rain maker…

Busy making a mud hut…

A spot of camouflage craft…


I must take a leaf out of their book I think. Right…. where’re my gardening gloves and wallpaper paste?

Have a lovely half term week everyone.


Friday, already?!

My goodness, the weeks seem to fly by don’t they? I often get a bit muddled about which day it is and have to check my computer calendar. You see, I write your home learning email for the next day, the day before and am often planning learning activities for the following week while reading emails about the work you have done the previous week … are you confused because I often am!

So this time last week it was VE day and  I had a go at making scones. I did my research by looking at lots of different recipes in my cookery books, googled tips and tricks online, took advice from Violet who had successfully made scones already and then gave it my best shot.

They turned out pretty well, though I did turn them each one round to show its most risen angle before taking the photo! Oh, and Sid thought they were pretty tempting too!

It’s good to take our time over some things and really feel like we’re proud of what we have achieved. It could be colouring a picture really carefully, using beautiful handwriting to write something important or really thinking hard when working out a tricky maths problem and not giving up too soon.

Look how hard these children have worked to create their very best:

Daniel’s beautiful African sunset.

Russell took care to colour his African scene carefully.

Violet’s Kenyan sunset.

Beautiful sunset, Luca P.


It’s been a bit chilly this week and I have to admit that, despite being allowed to venture out more than once a day, my family seem to have hibernated somewhat. This weekend we have vowed to spend it outdoors a bit more, walk a bit further and explore new paths and places. What can you do this weekend that will invigorate you?  Maybe try a new recipe, have a go at a new hobby, contact someone you’ve not spoken to in a while or make up a game using household items, like a treasure trail or obstacle course? Whatever it is, give it a go!

Love Mrs Temp


PS. It was lovely to see so many of you on our class Zoom meeting yesterday,  what you didn’t know was that Sid was listening in too! He often lies on the windowsill while I type my emails.  Oh, to have the life of a pampered puss!

It’s a Fri-yay bank holiday!

This week my family has taken to shaking things up with a few games. We have a daily dose of banana-grams after dinner, bingo with our neighbours and table table tennis in the garden (when it’s not too windy).  We have already lost a ball over the fence and our cat Sid patiently watches and waits for an opportunity to pounce on the ball, just look…

I know that many of you have been discovering games to fill your time and new hobbies too. Look at this year 2 trying something new… reading in an unusual place – I do hope he asked permission first!

Challenge: Read your book in an unusual place…that’s definitely been achieved!


I have been told  that our new topic about Kenya has been really popular and lots of Kenyan flags have been made. There has been plenty of Tinga Tale watching on Cbeebies too… I think a few parents breathed a sigh of relief that there are plenty of episodes to choose from and it forms a legitimate part of  home learning!

Here are some excellent examples of our Kenya project so  far…

How fast can you put your Africa jigsaw back together, Teddy?

Charlie enjoyed his Kenyan fact writing task.

As mentioned before, one of our cats, Sid is a bit of a character. Have a look at another of his recent antics that have kept us entertained!

Love Mrs Temp x

Fri-Yay! as we usually say in Year 2!

A Friday is still a Friday, however we have spent our week. It is time to reflect on the week and realise what a lot has been achieved!

Two members of our class have been  particularly enterprising while learning at home and have dreamt up clever and kind with ways to make links with their neighbours – at a safe distance of course.

Wouldn’t you want buy a carefully crafted flower or badge to brighten your day? Well, lots of people did, raising £80 which is being donated to the food bank. Great work, and I have been assured that plenty of money maths was involved.

Receiving a letter and packet of vegetable seeds would cheer me up any day, and that is what these big-hearted brothers spent their efforts (and pocket money) on. Lots of English skills were applied, making the project worthwhile for all involved. I wonder how many of your delighted recipients will be successful and return some delicious produce to you later in the year?

We are so proud of you for thinking of others at this time when  we are all apart. From reading your emails and enjoying your photos, I can honestly say how proud I am of every single one of you and the efforts you are making to stay busy, keep learning and trying to make each other happy, it’s no easy feat.

As a mum myself, I know that a day spent with everyone at home can be full of fun but many challenges too. On one of the rainy days this week I decided that I simply had to get outdoors and so donned my trusty, yellow coat and set off. As you can see, I didn’t see many other people out for a walk, I wonder why?! It actually made rather a lovely change to be walking in the rain and look who I found out for a bit of exercise too! His path was a long and exposed one so I gently picked him up and put him in the hedge, I  hope he didn’t mind being rescued!

Have a rest from your learning tasks this weekend, unless you are enjoying your projects so much that you just want to carry on!

Love Mrs Temp x


Marathon not a sprint

With The London Marathon supposed to have taken place yesterday, many runners were very disappointed after training and preparing so well and worried that their chosen charities would not benefit from the money they would raise too. One family in our road decided to run their own marathon to raise money and ran a relay around our village, ten laps with a total of 26km.

In order to support them, many families sat on their driveways to watch them. For every lap we clapped, cheered and some… including my son and husband ran the last lap with them, at a safe distance of course. It was a lovely way to spend a sunny, Sunday morning and made us realise that we can find ways to stay positive, motivated and doing our bit to support each other during this strange time.

One of our challenges last week was to do something creative with the theme of family. I was delighted to see Seb’s salt dough wonders, complete with Digby the dog!  I know that this wasn’t a task that was completed in minutes, it was definitely a dough marathon.

Another skill that had to be mastered over time in this busy household was to become a master of the Rubiks Cube.  I have to admit that I have never been able to acquire this skill and will be asking this expert for help when I see her next!

I wonder what else you have taken time to master while you have been learning at home? Don’t forget to check our gallery to see more of your fabulous learning and if you need any help or have achievements that you are proud of, please email me!

Finally if you are running short of space in you exercise book, you can pop along to school between 9.30 and 11.00 today and collect a new one.

Love Mrs Temp x


Friday 24th April – Photos Galore!

I can see from all the wonderful photos that are being emailed to me that it has been a busy and successful week of learning for many of you.

As the weather was rather windy, I suggested that you make a kite and test it outside. Look at this great effort:

Another challenge this week was to create a piece of work in the style of a famous artist. Having suggested the work of Andrew Goldsworthy, many of the children collected natural materials to create designs, I love how different they are:

Apparently nail vanish worked really well as paint on pine cones, who knew?

Maths learning using the My Maths website is going well and I can see that many of you are logging in and completing tasks. Remember though, just like in class, you can use things to help you work out the answers. You can draw pictures – check the help sheet that I gave you in your work pack or even make some equipment of your own.

Here are the paper tens and ones that I made but you could also use straws or card from cereal boxes:

Just remember that the tens measure 10cm and the ones measure 1cm.

If you like using a number line in class, then make your own using a very long strip of paper! Use a different colour pen for each multiple of ten to help you find your place. If counters are your equipment of choice, then use dried pasta, buttons or raisins to help you (just don’t eat them while you are working or your answers will never be correct!)

Happy home learning everyone!


Monday 20th April – photos galore!

Welcome to the first Monday of term 5 after a rather sunny but chilly weekend. The end to last week was improved enormously for me by receiving lots of lovely emails with photos and snippets of news about what you have all been doing. It made me feel a little more connected to you all and reassured me that you are all balancing work with playing, as well as helping out at home too.

Here are just some of the photos I had received by Friday afternoon… Look how hard you a have all been working!

Helen wrote a great poem and presented it beautifully too.

Look at  Matthew’s story about Pingu and the jumper, what a great idea!

It was Mei’s birthday recently and she put one her presents into good use.  Our geography task was to draw some toys from a birds’-eye view. She did a super job of drawing her new Sylvanian town!

This is the beginning of a very exciting adventure written by Sam, what amazing handwriting and vocabulary!

I am seriously impressed that you are working so hard and continuing your learning at home, which isn’t easy, I know myself!

Finally, here is Charlie’s story that he worked on over three days and I can imagine how much effort he must have put in to write this masterpiece. I had challenged the children to write  story that included a chicken, a cake and a bucket, see if you can spot the clever way that Charlie squeezed them in!

The Octopus’s Magic Birthday  By Charlie 


THE BIG Wednesday

Once upon a time there was an octopus in the sea and he was a good octopus. He is kind to his friends, he plays with them and he cuddles them.

He went away and he fell asleep. Suddenly there were some people in the sea with golden goggles on their face and golden spears. They were rich, they could buy stuff from the shops.


THE BIG Thursday

Then the multicoloured octopus realised that they were intruders. Then he jumped at them, then BANG they all fell over and the cops arrested them. But one of them got away!! Then the cops ran and they caught him. The cops put them in the van jail and then they drove off. While the cops were driving the van the bad guys jumped out of the van and got away.



The next day the octopus was asleep. Then he woke up and he remembered that he had to go and find the bad guys. Meanwhile the bad guy boss was finding stuff from the junk yard in the big junk bin. Three minutes later the octopus found the bad guy boss and he quietly tip-toed on his 8 tentacles and jumped on his head and he called the cops.


THE BIG Saturday

The next day the rest of the bad gang were at a pub. They were disguised as police and they were going to the police station to break their boss out of jail. Then they found the police station and they went in and there were loads of police officers in the station and there was the octopus!!!!!!! The baddies tried to get away but the octopus got them and the octopus put them all in jail.

After the baddies were in jail it was the Octopus’s birthday and they had a party with a bucket of chicken drum sticks and a cake.

I bet this story made you smile, it certainly did me!

I look forward to receiving your highlights this week, they really cheer me up!

Mrs Temp x

PS Don’t forget to have a look at the other blogs, including maths, Spanish and music.

I have strangely missed not writing my twice weekly blogs during the Easter break, but filled my days finding things to do with my family and staying in contact with people by screen. The  road I live on has started a Saturday evening ‘Dance on your Doorstep’. We decide on an upbeat song and then one family play it very loudly in their car so that we can all dance along from our windows, doors and driveways. It’s been a lovely way to see neighbours and to check that everyone is doing okay. I wonder how you are trying to stay in touch with people and keep smiling – we are having to get very inventive aren’t we?

During this lovely weather I have occasionally been able to take my work outside with me, even managing to find a shady spot for my laptop. The other day I decided to write rather than type but my paper kept blowing away! Have you done any of your home learning outside?

I have been  carrying on with my sewing project and decided that Easter themed bunting would be a good idea for last weekend, here are the two I made. Did you do any Easter craft?


I also made paper bunnies and found some fluffy bunnies to hide on my neighbour’s front garden, then I put a note through their letterbox inviting their two children to try and find them… they needed a bit of adult help though as I think I hid them a bit too well!











Did you have an Easter hunt too? My teenage children thought they were a bit too old but I still made them a garden hunt; they had to find fluffy chicks not bunnies – you’re never too old for a treasure hunt I think! Their grandparents joined in by video call which was a bit unusual… I wonder whether any of your grandparents have joined in with your family fun in an unusual way? Maybe you could call a friend or family member and read them a story, just to brighten their day?

So, now that the Easter Bunny has been and we have hopefully all enjoyed some chocolate, (or maybe eaten all of it!), it is time to carry on with our learning at home. Today we finish off the last two days of week 2. I will be emailing you from now on with things to help you with your learning and so that you can email me back pictures of your favourite achievements.

On the plan for today is to draw things from above, as if you are a bird looking down on things. Can you guess what I have drawn? I have given you some clues to help you …

I look forward to seeing some of the interesting, creative and fun things that you have been doing and may even include some of your pictures on my next blog, on Monday!

Love Mrs Temp