Thursday 16th April

Good Morning Year 1! 

I hope that you are all well and have enjoyed the sunshine over the Easter break. As I am sure you are all aware from Mrs Quirk’s parent-mail, I will be continuing to teach Year 1 until June which I am very pleased about! 

I have enjoyed being able to spend time outside in my garden reading over the past few weeks, in the beautiful sunshine we have had, I have started to re read my favourite book from when I was a child; The Magic Faraway Tree. Have any of you been able to get outside to do your reading? Have you re read one of your favourite books? Maybe you could even make a reading den in your garden, or in the house, to do your reading?

Ty and I had a lovely Easter weekend; we even had an Easter egg hunt on Sunday! We wrote lots of clues for each other and then spent the morning using the clues to help us search for our egg. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend too; did you have an Easter egg hunt? I would love to hear about your Easter! 

You will be receiving daily emails every morning regarding the work that is set for that day, stay safe, have fun and and I look forward to the new term ahead! 

Lots of Love,

Miss Giles, Daisy, Ralph and Luna x 

End of Term!

Hello Year 1!

Today is the end of Term 4! What a funny term it has been, we spent the first half of the term together learning in the classroom, and the end of the term starting our journeys of learning at home. I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves so far!

I have had some lovely emails from you on ‘2email’ on Purple Mash and some lovely comments on my blogs, it has been great to hear from so many of you and it has really made me smile! What have you done this week that has made you smile?

I would like you to finish your learning today and have a rest for the Easter holidays! Maybe you could play in the garden, learn something new, do some baking, write a letter to a friend or even video call a family member you haven’t been able to see. Maybe you would like to keep a little diary of all the lovely things you do at home during the holidays. But please, just have fun! We will be back to learning on Thursday 16th April where you will begin on Week 2 – Thursday of the timetable.

Have an amazing easter break and I will be blogging again on the first day of Term 5, Thursday 16th April, so be sure to check the blog!

Lots of love,

Miss Giles, Daisy, Ralph and Luna

P.S Daisy, Ralph and Luna haven’t done much apart from sleep this week so there is not much to update you with! Here’s a photo of Daisy with her favourite toy, Lotso and Ralph and Luna snuggled on the sofa.




Here is a little reminder of how to hold your pencil correctly.

Download (PDF, 276KB)

Monday 30th March

Good Morning!

How was everyones weekend? What funny weather we had! At my house in Essex we had lots of wind, then some snow and some really big hail stones and then beautiful, bright sunshine! Did you have any snow or hail stones in Sevenoaks?

I hope everyone is ready for week 2 of learning at home! Today we have to listen to a song, learn the words to the chorus and make up a groovy dance! I think I might choose ‘Shot Gun’ by George Ezra, as that is always the song you all ask to listen to in class! I wonder what song you might choose?

Daisy, Ralph and Luna have had a busy weekend sleeping! The cats only came to live in our new house last weekend, as they were staying at my mum’s house, so they cannot go outside yet. Ralph has been very busy sitting by the patio doors in the lounge looking out to the garden, hopefully next weekend we can let them both out!

We finished decorating one of our spare bedrooms this weekend, can anyone guess what colour we painted it? Ty is going to make a start on our office this week too! Can you guess what colour we might paint that room?

We also had a go at making our very own bread, they are a bit of a funny shape but they taste delicious! Has anyone else made their own bread at home?

Have a lovely week year 1! Please do comment on my blogs or sent me an email on Purple Mash so we can keep in touch!

Lots of Love,

Miss Giles, Daisy, Ralph and Luna

Friday 27th March

Good afternoon Year 1!

I hope you have all enjoyed your learning this week! What has been your favourite thing to do?

Has everyone been busy doing lots of reading? What books have you read this week? Ralph and Luna have enjoyed their book!

Did you practise your phonics? What sounds did you work on? Did you play any of the games in your pack? I wonder if anyone managed to make up their own game?

Ralph has been busy with his phonics too!

I have sent everyone an email in purple mash, you should be able to access it by logging onto purple mash, clicking ‘computing’, then ‘2email’, then ‘2email’ again. This should then bring up your emails and hopefully you should see an email from me, you can then click onto it and read it. If you would like to reply to me you can then click the ‘reply’ button at the bottom of the screen, type out your message and then click ‘send’. I would love to hear a little bit about what you have been up to this week!

On your timetable of activities for each day, I had not set any work to be done on Purple Mash or My Maths, as it was more paper based and practical activities, however I have been setting tasks online for anyone that would like to complete them, please don’t feel the pressure to do so, but they are there as extra activities. Please feel free to do your own tasks on Purple Mash too! There are also so many lovely Maths and English games on Busy Things too!

I thought I would share with you a little bit of handwriting I have been doing. It’s a bit different to the handwriting we have to learn at school, but when you are a grown up you can practise different types of handwriting too!

Have a lovely weekend and I will speak to you again on Monday!

Lots of love,

Miss Giles, Daisy, Ralph and Luna x


Monday 23rd March

Good morning Year 1!

I hope you’ve all had enjoyed your weekend at home in the sunshine and you had a lovely day with your Mums for Mothers Day. Did you give them your cards we made? My mum loved her card and has put it up on the fireplace. She also loved her badge we made!

Daisy, Ralph and Luna are very happy to have me at home with them but I am already missing our lovely Monday morning chats in the classroom and all your lovely pictures you make me.

I hope you’re all ready for your exciting new adventure of learning at home! Make sure you’re good for your new teachers! Have any of you given your new home school a name? Maybe you could make a sign for your school? I think I would call my school ‘The Hearts and Stars School’.

Please try to read everyday, these can be any of the books you have at home, maybe try a non-fiction book? Or even try a new ebook from Oxford Owls –

Please also try to practise your phonics at least 3 times this week, I put lots of lovely games and activities into your home learning packs, but maybe you could create your own game to play at home?

I would love to hear a little of what you have been up to, if you have something you would like to share then please comment on this blog so that we can keep in touch. I will write again at the end of the week to let you know what else I have been keeping busy with.


Lots of love,

Miss Giles, Daisy, Ralph and Luna x


Year 1 join “Izzy on her Incredible Adventure”

Early Monday morning, Year 1 and a few parents walked to Sevenoaks School for a science show, ” Izzy’s Incredible Adventures”.  Pamoja Hall was full of very excitable children as they being entertained and educated about all things involving transport in an exciting show.  Learning about all kinds of transport across land, sea and air, the children investigated how we travel and learnt about the science behind transport. They pondered answers to the questions :

  • What types of shape make a boat float better?
  • What makes a hot air balloon fly?
  • What makes a rocket launch?
  • How do hovercraft work?

The children haven’t stopped talking about their learning.” Miss Giles.

That was really fun and interesting!”

Animals Around The World

Welcome to Term 4!

We had a lovely end to Term 3 with Book Week! The books that the children made were fantastic and they should all be very proud of themselves!

We were also lucky enough to share some quiet reading time with Year 5.

Our topic this term is Animals Around the World. We will be using the book  ‘One Night Far From Here’ by Julie Wauters to learn all about the African Savannah, Russian Taiga, Amazon Rainforest and Woodland areas.

In Maths we will be continuing to learn all about numbers to 50. We have been exploring tens and ones and finding lots of different ways to represent each number.








We enjoyed going outside to look for signs of Spring, we found lots of new buds growing and lots of lovely daffodils were beginning to flower.

We have also been growing our own tulips in class and have been intrigued to watch them grow a little more everyday.

Amazing Me!

Our topic this term is Amazing Me. In science we have been looking at different parts of our body and learning about our senses. We had a fun afternoon exploring with our eyes, some of our activities included making glasses, looking at optical illusions and using magnifying glasses with ‘Where’s Wally’ books. We have also played lots of listening games using our sense of hearing.

We are exploring the author and illustrator Nick Sharratt in English and have been learning all about adjectives and connectives. We have been searching for adjectives in the books we read and adding them to our English board. We have read Elephant Wellyphant and created our own elephants in class to describe using our adjectives. We have then made this into a class book that is in our book corner. We have also read I went to the Zoopermarket and have written letters to Nick Sharratt inviting him to school for some yummy lunch.

Term 2

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed the trip to The Vine at the end of last term to consolidate our learning about The Great Storm. We had a fantastic time counting the oak trees, and measuring around the trunks with our hands to find the biggest tree.

Our topic this term has been Toys in the past.We have found out what everyone’s favourite toy is and whether children in the past would have played with that toy. We have also been looking at toys that children would have played with in the past and compared them to our toys today.

We have really enjoyed looking at the toys in our museum and it is lovely to see so many toys in there.

In DT we have made our very own sock puppets, we took the time to look at how different puppets were made, we then designed our own on paper, then carefully copied this design onto our socks. What a fabulous job you have done Year 1!

What a busy term we have had! We hope you have a lovely Christmas and enjoy the break and we will see you in the new year!