Pyjama Day!

Year 1 were thrilled to come to school on Friday 6th November wearing their pyjamas. They were very surprised to see the staff also in our cosy clothes! 

We started our day designing a new set of pyjamas, taking inspiration from the colourful patterns our friends were wearing, and reading a selection of books. Then, we listened to the story There’s No Such Thing as Monsters being read, while the virtual fire crackled and fairy lights twinkled in the background. We enjoyed acting out the exciting parts. The bears were scared as they thought there were monsters in the dark, but it was just the shadows tricking them! 

We have been working really hard to use adjectives in our writing. The previous day, we had been finding out about the history of Bonfire Night. For our Pyjama Day writing activity, we listened to a story all about a fireworks party and made mind maps of all the exciting adjective descriptions we could come up with using our senses. 

We took turns throughout the day to sit in our special ‘story space’: with comfy chairs, bean bags and blankets to snuggle up in. We worked in smaller groups to apply our phonics in guided reading sessions. Each group cosied up in their dressing gowns and listened to a grown-up read the story, before hunting for the tricky words and finding our chosen graphemes. 

After lunch, we read Elmer. Elmer worried that the other elephants were laughing at him for being different. Elmer decided to paint himself grey in order to blend in. In the end, Elmer realised how special he already was. We talked about how this fits our school ethos: we are all different, and all equal. To celebrate how beautiful being different is, we made a giant class Elmer! The children made their own patterns on different sized coloured sheets and together we made a giant Elmer collage. It didn’t matter that each person’s drawing was different: it made our Elmer even more interesting and special. 

Year 1 have a real love of stories and had so much fun on Pyjama Day – lots of children asked if we were having a sleepover at school! We hope you continue loving stories.

Friday 19th June

Another busy 2 weeks for Year 1, we have been learning about positional language, we have read The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch and designed new sandwiches to keep the seagulls away and we have written similes about the toppings in our sandwiches. We have learnt All About Summer and Sun Safety, we’ve had sports day as well as lots of maths, phonics and reading! You have all done another super job at learning.


It’s been busy at my house too; we have been doing lots of training with our new dog Nova and taking her on 2 walk a day with Daisy.



So the time has come to say Goodbye, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank every single one of you for your support and kindness during my time at St John’s, it has been a pleasure to teach your children and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I feel so lucky to have been a part of such a wonderful school with amazing staff and I shall miss it a lot!

Thank you!

Miss Giles x


Friday 5th June

Good Afternoon Year 1.

Another busy week of learning! Some of you have been learning from home and some of you have been learning in school, but you have all done some fantastic work.

We have been busy making kites, labelling sunflowers, learning all about halves and quarters, predicting what ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ might be about and practising our super phonics. Here are a few examples of your work;

It’s also been a busy week in my house too. Ty and I have rescued a little 6 month old puppy. Her name is Nova. She came to live with us yesterday and she is settling in nicely with Daisy, Ralph and Luna!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Giles


Friday 22nd May – Half Term

Good Morning Year 1,

We have come to the end of Term 5 and it is now time to put your school work away and enjoy the sunshine! I think every single one of you have done an amazing job with home learning and have been very grown up and mature with your work! You are definitely almost ready for Year 2.

I’ve had some lovely photos this week; here are some examples and remember to look at the gallery for other photos too.

It was lovely to see so many of you again on our zoom call yesterday, I really enjoyed hearing about your favourite book. I hope you all enjoyed it too!

Lots of love, Miss Giles

Hi Year 1!
I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine! It’s been so lovely seeing you all in our zoom chats!  I’ve loved hearing what you’ve been up to and seeing your smiley faces!
I’ve also really enjoyed looking at your wonderful work in the gallery , I’m amazed at how creative and artistic you all are! (Frederique’s  hot air balloon , Harrison’s art work , Hannah’s scarecrow!) Henry and Louis’s writing has really improved, so neat! Max H did a fantastic story, Erskine learnt to play chess( perhaps you could teach me?!) I really enjoyed the lego movie by Rory and Martha’s marble run and all of Zach’s exciting activities!! I can’t fit you all in but I am so Impressed with how hard you are working and the wonderful things you’ve created or tried out for the very first time. I’m really looking forward to some seeing your shark Pictures or pictures from your favourite books.

Well we have been busy in our house too with lots of school work for Phoebe and my son is doing important exams for university. We celebrated VE Day with tea and cakes in our close with the neighbours, listening to wartime music. I put a photo of my Nan and Grandad out as they were both in the war. I even dressed up!

I’ve enjoyed reading stories for you to listen to and I’ve finished painting my garden fence , which I didn’t enjoy so much!

We have had two lock down birthdays last week , mine and my daughter Phoebes who turned 12. It’s my other daughter’s birthday tomorrow so we will have more cake!!

A couple of weeks ago my dog was  very poorly and spent 3 days in the vet he had lots of different medicines but is so much better now! I thought you’d like to see some photos of him!

I hope you all have a lovely half term and a relax and hope the sun continues to shine.lots of love
Mrs Thompson xxx


Hello year 1, It was lovely to see your smiling faces and hear about your favourite books yesterday. I hope your enjoying the sunshine and maybe a few ice creams! We’re lucky to have a stream at the stables which we’ve enjoyed playing in this week. It’s helped to keep us cool. Enjoy half term and I will hopefully see you all soon.

Miss Howe


Friday 15th May

This week seems to have flown by! You have all done a super job again and I am very pleased with everybody’s hard work and commitment during these times. (Parents too!)

It was so lovely to see so many happy, smiling faces on our zoom call yesterday, I hope you enjoyed seeing your friends too!

Here are a few of your lovely creations this week, make sure you check out our gallery for more examples.

Click the link to see an amazing Marble Run!

Marble Run!

Rory has been very busy working on a lego movie, click on the link to take a look:

Rory Lego Video

We are ¾ of the way through The Magic Faraway Tree and I was sent a lovely photo this week of what could be the real Magic Faraway Tree! What a beautiful tree it is indeed!

When I was out walking yesterday I looked around to see if I could spot a tree that could also be The Magic Faraway Tree, here is mine. Maybe you could see if you can spot your own tree and ask your grown ups to send me a photo!


Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Miss Giles x

Friday 8th May – VE Day

Year 1, another fabulous week of learning! You are all making me very proud! I can see that you are working so hard at home and producing lots of lovely work. Keep it up!

Today is VE Day. There is no schoolwork today, but you might like to look at this PowerPoint all about VE day, or even have a go at cooking something form the Wartime Recipe Book.

Download (PDF, 2.06MB)

Download (PDF, 2.36MB)

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend

Love, Miss Giles, Daisy, Ralph and Luna x

Friday 1st May

Good Afternoon Year 1.

What a wonderfully busy week of learning we have had! I have been amazed at your work this week especially your beautiful stories using super sentence openers! They were brilliant! You should all be very proud of your hard work this week! Here are just a few examples:

I hope everyone has received their letter from me this week. I was very surprised this morning when the postman bought me some letters! I have had 2 replies already! They really made me smile, thank you!


I’ve also had lots of lovely pictures sent to me of you busy with your learning at home, here a few to share with you.

Don’t forget to check the Year 1 Gallery to see more of your wonderful work!


I’ve been busy making lots of ‘Pocket Hugs’ for my family this week. They are little heart shape tokens that I will send to everyone in my family so they know I am thinking about them. Maybe you could make your own ‘pocket hug’ this weekend to send to somebody you care about?


Have a lovely weekend and I speak to you next week!

Love Miss Giles x

Monday 27th April

Good Morning Year 1!

What a glorious weekend we have had! It was lovely to be able to go for a long walk with Daisy out in the sunshine, we were able to see and hear so many beautiful birds in the trees. What lovely things did you do this weekend? Daisy even enjoyed the end of my rocket lolly yesterday afternoon!

Today we start our learning on week 4 of the timetable, please keep checking our Year 1 Gallery to see pictures of all the wonderful work you are producing! Here are a few more examples of your hard work.

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing what you get up too this week!

Lots of love, Miss Giles, Daisy, Ralph and Luna x

Friday 24th April

Good Afternoon Year 1!

What a busy week we have all had! I have really enjoyed seeing the fantastic work you have been doing, it has really put a smile on my face! I have seen some super sentence work, gorgeous drawings, neat handwriting, amazing phonics, lovely Topic work and fabulous Maths! You have amazed me at how hard you are all working at home. You should be very proud of yourselves.

On Monday I asked you to research an artist and create a piece of work in their style. I had so many emails from you all showing me your gorgeous artwork that I thought I would share some here with you. You should find lots of other work in our Year 1 Gallery.

I also asked you to think about your predictions for The Magic Faraway Tree, what do you think the book might be about? I had some great responses.

‘The Magic Faraway Tree might have a monkey in it, and that animals might shade there.’

‘The Magic Faraway Tree might be about a magic tree in the forest.’

I wonder if the Faraway Tree is magic because I think you wish for things with the magic tree and I think the magic tree is real and you can play with it. There might be lights on the tree.’

‘I think the book is about an Elf who lives in a tree.’

‘I think it is about a magic tree that is faraway and has superpowers’

‘The Magic faraway tree can walk and run. The tree can turn a police car into a police helicopter.’ 

I hope you are all enjoying the story so far!

Rory sent me a photo on Monday of a rainbow that he saw when he was out walking, it was so lovely that I wanted I share it with you all.

I went for a walk yesterday evening and came across a tall tree that had lots of knitted rainbows hanging on its branches. Look how beautiful it looks!

I have also had a little helper in the office this week with me… Ralph has decided he quite likes to sit next to me on my desk and watch me work! What a cheeky cat!

Have a lovely weekend and I shall speak to you again Monday.

Lots of love, Miss Giles, Daisy, Ralph and Luna x

Monday 20th April

Good Morning Year 1!

I hope you are all ready for a fun filled week of learning! Remember today we start week 3 of our timetable.

Hopefully you have all been receiving my daily emails, if not please make sure you check your ‘junk’ folder in your emails.

On Thursday and Friday, I received so many lovely pictures and videos of what you had been up too and it was wonderful to see! I thought I would share a few here for you to see! I also wanted to share 2 special messages and some photographs from Mrs Thompson and Miss Howe!


Hello year 1,
I hope you have all been able to enjoy the sunshine. I have enjoyed seeing a few of you out walking. I am sure you have all been working really hard and I can’t wait to see the progress you have all made.
I thought you all might also like to see a few pictures of the animals and Edward riding.
Keep making, drawing and creative lots off things that you can show us once we’re back at school.

Miss Howe

Dear Year 1’s,

It’s Mrs Thompson here!( with her rock star glasses on!)
It seems like such a long time ago, since I saw and spoke to you all. I have missed you and Miss Giles very much. It’s so strange not going to school, isn’t it? But hopefully it won’t be too long until we can all see each other again!

I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter. We had an Easter egg hunt in the garden and my youngest daughter, Phoebe and I made an Easter garden.

I wonder what you’ve all been up to over the past few weeks? I hope you have had lots of fun, especially as it’s been so sunny. Don’t forget to keep looking at your phonics, perhaps for 15/20 per day, so you don’t forget them! Are any of you practising your reading too?

We have done a few things: –
We had a quiet, relaxing morning making rainbow cards and pictures to stick in the window, which was really calming.

Phoebe and I made some bird lard balls and bought a bird feeder for the garden. It’s lovely to see what kinds of birds visit. We have two greedy pigeons visiting at the moment!

We also planted some mini sunflower seeds and have been on lots of dog walks, most recently to see the beautiful blue bells!

We’ve also been baking cakes, and cookies and made lots of pies for some local elderly people and delivered them for their tea!

Have you done the Joe Wicks workout? Mrs Thompson is very unfit and only made it to Day 3! Perhaps some of you have tried the yoga we do in class?

My daughter has been given lots of school work- so we try to do some in the morning but have regular breaks. I hope you have managed to do some schoolwork too but also enjoy the lovely weather and playing outside.

I hope you and all your families all keep safe, well and happy and Mrs Thompson sends all her love. God bless x