Friday 13th December

Time has whizzed past since we came back to school hasn’t it?  It’s been lovely to bring Buzz back to school, and I do hope you have all got to see him in the playground on your way to school or at the end of the day, or down on the field.  Year 6 have pictures on their classroom wall of Buzz’s parents so I thought I would show them to you on here too …. if you look closely I think you can see Buzz in both Eric his Dad and Rosie his Mum!



I’ve bought Buzz a coat to try and save me from having to bath him twice a day after his walks as it’s SO muddy and wet, but he’s not very impressed.  The first time I put it on him he froze and refused to walk!  Here’s a picture of him in it …



Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more pictures of Buzz and YOU!

Monday 6th July


Before I show you some recent pictures of Buzz, I thought I’d show you a picture from when he was a little puppy, 4 years ago, wow that time has gone quickly!  Wasn’t he cute? Some of you will remember baby Buzz when he first came to St John’s in September 2016

We went back to the beach again one evening when it was nice and quiet.  Here’s a picture of Buzz in the sunset, wasn’t it pretty?  It looked even better in real life, somehow the camera didn’t quite catch all the different colours.

My favourite walk is in Chelwood Vachery on Ashdown Forest near where I live.  It’s very peaceful and green, and has a lovely waterfall and lots of different plants and flowers.  Here’s a picture of Buzz running over a bridge there.  My son Harry was on one side of the bridge, and I was on the other, and he didn’t know where to go, he just ran between us both!

Lastly, here’s a picture of Buzz on another bridge on Ashdown Forest, showing you his new haircut! It’s a bit short, but his coat grows so quickly it will soon be back to it’s old shaggy self!  I expect all of you have had to have, or will have to have, big haircuts soon too!

I know Buzz is really missing seeing everybody at school, and getting lots of attention, so I do hope we can all see each other again very soon.  We’re thinking of you all … love Jane and Buzz xx

Friday 12th June

Hello again!

How are you all?  We had an evening at the beach … we waited until then as it was nice and quiet!  Buzz kept sniffing something, and when we had a closer look it was a squishy looking marble.  I looked them up when I got home and they are called Salps!  I have never seen one before, but once Buzz had show them to us, we saw hundreds of them, floating in the shallow water.  Here’s a picture …




Here’s a picture of Buzz asleep, upside down as normal!  I think all the shapes in this photo look like they’d be great to draw, maybe some of you would like to have a go, please let me see any drawings you do, I’d love to see them!

See you next week!

Love Jane and Buzz

Friday 5th June

Hi everyone!

It seems a long time since I’ve done a blog, and I realised that I forgot to upload a picture of Buzz on his Birthday!  So here it is … Buzz is 4 already!


We spent some time over the half term week clearing a large section of our garden, and Buzz absolutely loved lying in all the dug up grasses, I guess they may have been nice and cool for him in all that lovely sunshine!

Do you remember the picture of Buzz sitting in all the pink flowers that had fallen from the rhododendron bush?  When we went back for a walk there the other day, some children had spelt their names out with the flowers, don’t they look pretty?  Can you read what the little girl’s name is?  I wonder if you could spell your name out of petals too … I am definitely going to have a go next week!

I hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll be back with more pictures next week!  Love Jane and Buzz xx

Friday 15th May

Hi everybody!  I have just realised that my blog last week isn’t there?  I can only assume I didn’t press the all important PUBLISH button, silly me.  Oh well, today is another day!

We’ve had mostly lovely weather again haven’t we?  This lovely weather is making my life with a very hairy dog so much easier.  I can’t even bear to imagine how much mud would be sticking to his hairy legs … anyway, in case you are forgetting what Buzz looks like, here is a picture of him!


Actually, I think he’s hairier that this now, but the good news is tomorrow he’s getting a haircut yippee!  Make sure you come back next week for a look at Buzz with a new haircut.

Something lovely happened yesterday.  Buzz got to see my daughter Lucy for the first time in 8 weeks!  He was nearly as excited as me.  Here’s a picture of them having a celebratory hug!


Last week I shared with you a funny picture, and as my blog didn’t work, I’m going to post it again as it made me laugh, and it’s good to laugh isn’t it?  Here’s a picture of Buzz looking like he has long, fake eyelashes … who do you think he looks like?

Right I’ll be back with more pictures for you next week, and I do hope you all have a good week and can enjoy a bit of the sunshine most days.  It certainly cheers me up getting outside!  Just imagine how excited Buzz is going to be next time he gets to see YOU again?!  I can’t wait!  Remember to leave me a comment if there are any pictures in particular you’d like to see.  Buzz and I both miss you very much love Jane xx


Friday 1st May

Hello everyone!

Well this week hasn’t been such sunny weather has it?  Buzz and I have still be going out for a lovely walk every day. We found a very interesting place, with a very big chair … have you any idea whose chair it might be?

Buzz is getting hairier and hairier and it’s become quite a challenge trying to keep him free from knots and matted fur!  We all hate having our hair brushed don’t we, so I have to wait until he’s fast asleep before I brush him!  I have bought him a coat to wear when he’s wet to help dry him.  Here’s a picture of it, he looks a bit like a deckchair!


I hope next week is sunnier and we can all enjoy being outside again for some of the day. One of the good things about staying at home is that I have found some lovely new walks near my house, and the roads are much quieter … I’ll see what I can find to share with you next week!  Have a good week everyone, and I shall be back next Friday with some new photos of Buzz!  We miss you very much love Jane and Buzz xx

Friday 24th April

Hello from me and Buzz!

Hasn’t it been lovely weather?  Buzz seems to love the warm weather and for some strange reason, particularly likes lying in the bit of the garden that has gravel on it, my husband calls it the beach!  It doesn’t look very comfy to me, he hasn’t even got a towel to lie on!



Every day is quite similar for us at the moment … Buzz and I always start the day with a walk, as I find this helps me get in the right frame of mind for the day.  My husband and son then walk Buzz again in the afternoon or evening … he’s never had so many good walks before!  I was very pleased this week to find the rhododendron bush had shed it’s leaves, and the beautiful pink carpet was back.  I can’t resist taking the same picture every year, and here it is!



I hope you are all ok and Buzz and I both look forward to seeing you again as soon as we can!


Have any of you got any photos you’d like to see?  Please let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do!


Speak soon love Jane (Smith) and Buzz xx

Friday 17th April

Hello everyone!  I do hope you managed to enjoy some of the sunshine over the Easter holidays, although I know that can be very difficult at the moment.  Buzz and I are lucky enough to live in a village, so it’s easy for us to go out on our daily walk and not see another person, although Buzz is very excited when he hears children and other dogs!  We were very pleased to find some bluebells and daffodils.  Have any of you been able to see any bluebells?  Not only do they look pretty but they smell wonderful too.



One problem that I am having is that Buzz normally has a haircut every 5 weeks, and dog groomers are not allowed to work at the moment.  He is getting hairier and hairier and more and more difficult to groom!  The lady that normally grooms him gave me some tips and suggested I trim his feet … unfortunately, that was not as easy as it sounded, so here is a picture of his paws, one very shaggy and one not at all, I think I need to keep practising!

Lastly, I said last time that I would include a picture of my 2 cats, Dolly and Arthur.  Dolly is the little grey one, and Arthur is her son.  Buzz would like to play with them, but they do not think that is a good idea at all!  Sometimes they all sleep with each other, and occasionally groom each other … I do wish the cats could help me look after Buzz’s knotty fur!


I do hope you are all ok, and Buzz and I look forward very much to seeing you again as soon as school is able to open, as we both miss you very much!



Friday 27th March 2020

Friday is here … first week done.  Buzz is really missing you all!  We are really lucky to live in the countryside so we have been able to go for a lovely walk every day. Yesterday we saw some children in the distance, and I had to put Buzz on his lead to stop him running off to greet them … he hoped it was some of the lovely children he knows and loves!



Some parents have told me they are struggling to get their little children out for a walk, so I thought I’d share this that I made for my niece yesterday to encourage her little boy to leave the house.  It’s a list of things to hunt for whilst your out! Obviously, some of you are much too old for such a list now, but maybe you have a little relative you could share the idea with?


Buzz can’t wait to see you all again soon, and neither can I.  I’m looking forward to hearing all about the walks you have been on whilst school is closed, and all the things you have seen!  For now he’s just spending his days either out for a walk in the garden or hanging around the house with my 2 cats Dolly and Arthur.  Can you guess which one is which?  My husband thinks this photo is funny as it looks like the cats are Buzz’s ears!!


Hello from Buzz

On Mother’s Day one of my daughter’s drew me a lovely picture of Buzz, so I thought I would share it with you.  He does look rather proud of it doesn’t he?!  She thanked me for being a Mum to her and Buzz which made me laugh, as I definitely don’t see myself as Buzz’s Mum!  However, this got me thinking about all the pets you all have, and although I’ve heard about lots of them and even met some of them, I wondered if any of you could draw me a picture of your pet?  I’ll maybe be able to include some in future blogs ….

I know Buzz is missing you all very much, and we hope to see you again very soon.  I’ll be back with more pictures soon xx