A trip to the beach!

¡Buenos días a todos!

¿Cómo estás hoy? How are you today?

Today I have a summertime quiz for you. Can you work out the names of the following items you might find on a trip to the beach?

  1. la arena
  2. el sol
  3. una gaviota
  4. un cubo y una pala
  5. el mar
  6. una toalla
  7. gafas de sol
  8. bocadillos
  9. un bañador
  10. helados


Us the pictures as clues to help.

Las respuestas (the answers) are at the end of the blog.

¡Buena suerte! Good luck!

Señora Hayes x


scroll down!











  1. sand
  2. sun
  3. seagull
  4. bucket & spade
  5. sea
  6.  towel
  7. sunglasses
  8. sandwiches
  9. swimsuit
  10. ice creams

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