Severe Weather Conditions

 School Closure Arrangements

  • Please do not telephone the school in the morning, as this ties up the telephone line
  • Remember that you should assume the school will remain open unless you are notified otherwise
  • Any decision about school closure will be made on a day-by-day basis, by 7:30am

How we will let you know if the school will be closed due to severe weather conditions:

  • The school will notify all parents by email and text (if these details are held by the school) as soon as the decision to close has been made
  •  A notice will be displayed on the school website each morning
  • We will also notify 3 local radio stations (Radio Kent, Heart FM and KMFM Radio) of any closures
  • Please check the Kent School Closures website regularly for updates (

Please note that St John’s will endeavour to remain open at all times during bad weather, and parents should check these resources for any potential closure.