Hello. I’m Dennis Ward and the Governor attached to the science team lead by Mrs Casewell.

As I’m sure you know Mrs Casewell is an extremely dedicated and imaginative science teacher.  She sees a science application wherever she is and in whatever she is does, from making toast in the morning to driving the car home at night and everything in between.  She has an outstanding ability to inspire the children with her ideas and make science an everyday part their lives.  In fact she is so enthusiastic that, together with Miss Parfett, she is working extremely hard to attain a Gold Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) for the school.  This will give St John’s an excellent reputation for science teaching.

PSQM is an outstanding support tool for developing science in any school.  It improves scientific experiences and outcomes for all children and teachers.  It does, though, entail a lot of dedicated work including sharing experience with other schools and fulfilling the considerable demands of a mentor – and they are considerable at the Gold Mark level!

Currently we hear a lot about the need to increase interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in the media and are encouraged to start this early in a child’s education.  In St John’s we embrace this and the recent STEM week was an excellent example.  The school is buzzing with its success and there is almost constant chatter amongst the children about the programme Mrs Casewell devised.  As you can see from the Science Blogs it was an exciting, interesting and well organised week with presentations, workshops, a KNEX competition and much else besides – lots of variety for all ages from Reception to Y6.  The week was an excellent illustration of Mrs Casewell’s organising ability and her and her colleagues’ presentation and communication skills.

Clearly the children thoroughly enjoyed the week and long may the children grow from strength to strength in these subjects, not only in St John’s but throughout the rest of their schooldays and, indeed, lives.

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