Once in a life time opportunity

IMG_2453“Once in lifetime opportunity” These were the words Mrs Wood, Head of Science at Walthamstow Hall announced as 6 lucky science ambassadors arrived at the lab.  The children were told that they were some of the few really privileged people to be able to hold moon rock and meteorite samples which Walthamstow had managed to borrow. 4.5 billion years old many of the samples were. Can you imagine that? The children were escorted around by teaching staff and sixth form students who explained the specimens to them, and showed them how to use the magnifying glasses. Some of the pieces were most peculiar especially Libyan Desert Glass which looked like quartz but felt like plastic.The Henbury Meteorite fragment was amazing. So heavy!

We held a  meteor fragment formed 150 million years before earth and were told that we were holding the oldest thing ever discovered.Amazing! As always, our ambassadors behaved impeccably and were interested and enthusiastic, representing St John’s beautifully.  Sadly, that was the last of our special lunchtime visits, however next week Year 6 are heading over to Walthamstow Hall to take part in some of their science week activities. Watch this space to read all about it.

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